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Hello Survivors!

Taego is our newest 8×8 map which just launched on live servers, and in celebration, we’re running two Taego Mission Events! Simply drop into Taego, complete missions and earn rewards.

The more you play, the more sweet loot you’ll be rewarded with. To participate, check out the new Event Page in-game, select your event, then press Join Event. Rewards must be claimed from the Event Page prior to the event ending.

Read on for the event schedule and details, or see the event page in-game for details on all events.

Taego Mission Event – 1: Mission

Ride in a Pony Coupe
Ride in a Pony Coupe
Contraband Coupon x1

Mk12 Recruit
Get a kill with an Mk12
Preset Slot (7-day)

Find a K2
Loot a K2
Contraband Coupon x1

K2 Recruit
Get a kill with a K2
Taego Survivor Mask x1

Taego Mission Event – 1

The first Taego event runs for one week and begins with Update 12.2. Don’t forget to complete your missions to earn all the rewards!

PDT: July 7, after maintenance end – July 13, 0 AM
CEST: July 7, after maintenance end – July 13, 9 AM
KST: July 7, after maintenance end – July 13, 4 PM

PDT: July 15, after maintenance end – July 21, 0 AM
CEST: July 15, after maintenance end – July 21, 9 AM
KST: July 15, after maintenance end – July 21, 4 PM

Taego Mission Event – 2: Mission

Let’s hope you grabbed all the rewards from the first event, but even if you didn’t.. round two of the Taego Mission Event gives you another chance to earn more rewards while playing our newest map.

Taego Mission Event – 2: Schedule

The second round of the event also lasts one week, be sure to finish your missions on Taego to earn your rewards.

PDT: July 13, 0 AM – July 20, 0 AM
CEST: July 13, 9 AM – July 20, 9 AM
KST: July 13, 4 PM – July 20, 4 PM
PDT: July 21, 0 AM – July 27, 0 AM
CEST: July 21, 9 AM – July 27, 9 AM
KST: July 21, 4 PM – July 27, 4 PM

  • Missions can only be completed after pressing Join Event on the Events Page.
  • Missions can only be completed in Normal Matches on Taego.
  • All missions can only be completed once during the event period.
  • After completing the missions, press the ‘Claim’ button to receive your rewards.
  • Unclaimed rewards will disappear once the event ends.


What can I do in the Event Page?

  • Find new events to participate in!
  • Browse through the Event List and press ‘Join Event’ to participate.
  • Event rewards can only be redeemed during the event period.
  • There are more events to come! Keep an eye out for future event announcements.

Where do I find the Event Page?

  • Access the event page by clicking the Care Package icon at the top right corner of the main lobby screen.

  • Push notifications are also sent via the notification center.

Event Points

  • Points acquired from each event will expire once the event period ends.
  • Don’t forget to use up all your points prior to the event’s end!

We hope you enjoy these Taego Mission Events. Good luck out there on the Battlegrounds, go get that Chicken Dinner!

See you on Taego,

The PUBG Team.

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