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Update 12.1 – Now on the Test Server

Update 12.1 Now on Test Servers – Coming to Live servers next week

Season 12 has landed on the Battlegrounds!

Drop-in and explore our biggest Miramar update since launch; with significant visual and design improvements, a new uniquely Miramar vehicle, and an armor-destroying sniper rifle, what’s not to love?

Read on for full details, including the introduction of a new weapon skin upgrade system, pre-game soccer, quality of life improvements, and more!

Miramar World Update

Miramar holds a special place in our hearts; launched alongside PUBG 1.0 in December 2017 we’re thrilled to show you the improvements made for Season 12.

Throughout the map, we’ve focused on improving the overall visual quality (lighting especially) while also keeping a close eye on improving player interactions with the environment to improve your gameplay experience.

Expect an overall smoother experience, with reduced object clutter, less troublesome coastlines, adjusted cover across the map, and more.

While points of interest will still feel very familiar, we’ve introduced key changes to improve core gameplay and keep things feeling fresh. Keep an eye out and let us know what you think!

  • Terrain Updates

We have improved the visual fidelity of textures and materials across the map. Additional cliffs have been added for steep slopes, which clearly indicate areas that cannot be climbed easily.

  • Cliff Updates

Cliffs have been improved across the map and now look much better overall.

  • Foliage Updates

Trees, plants, and other foliage have received vast visual improvements.

  • Lighting Updates

One goal of these lighting changes is to push a warmer, drier, and arid feel to help separate the feel and color palette from other maps. Looking at the map, we plotted the sun’s arch and tweaked the lighting setups to represent different times of day better. We aimed to create a softer image with less contrast to help with eye strain while still ensuring longer distance engagements.

In the existing weather types: Sunny, Sunset, Sunrise, and Cloudy, the intensity and color have been adjusted. Sandstorm and Dusk will be introduced in Challenger Mode. Finally, improvements were made to the bunker and interior lighting.

  • Building and Object Updates

Many buildings and objects across the map have received visual improvements.

  • Map Flow

Reduced clutter across the map to improve ease of movement, especially around building entrances.

New Weapon – Lynx AMR

The Lynx AMR is PUBG’s first Anti-Materiel Rifle, a semi-automatic crate gun capable of damaging military equipment and armor, in addition to players and vehicles.

Intended as a hard counter to vehicles, the Lynx is also effective in any situations you’d find yourself wanting to scope in and shoot down an enemy.

  • PUBG’s first .50 caliber weapon
  • The Lynx AMR is first and foremost the best anti-vehicle sniper rifle in the game, capable of destroying BRDMs and even penetrating the windows to kill its occupants.
    • Capable of destroying weak vehicles like motorcycles in a single shot and most regular vehicles in two or three shots.
  • Players have five shots only, with no way to reload.
  • Spawns in Care Package only on Miramar in Normal Matches. In a future update, the Lynx will be added to Custom Matches and Training Mode

New Vehicle – Quad

The Quad is an off-road vehicle with four low-pressure tires and a driver seat designed to be straddled by the operator, with handlebars for steering control, with room on the back for a teammate. Modeled after a racing-style ATV, get ready to explore the Battlegrounds on this all-terrain monster we call the Quad.

  • Seats: 2
  • Health: 750
  • Maximum Speed: 110 km/h (125 km/h at maximum boost)
  • Maximum Range: 24.4 km (18.5 km at maximum boost)
  • Only spawns on Miramar.
  • Will be added to in Custom Matches and Training Mode in a future update.

Ranked Season 12

The new ranked season is upon us!

All players eligible for Season 11 ranked rewards will receive them upon launching the game. Rewards are granted based on your end-of-season rank.

For more information on ranked rewards, click here[]. Season 12 rewards will be announced at a later date.

  • Ranked rewards for Season 12 are below:
  • PUBG ID emblems are rewarded for each tier, with animated variants for Platinum and higher. More details here.[]
  • The Parachute Skin is a permanent reward that players keep forever and can equip as they please.
  • The rest of the earnable rewards are ‘Unlocked’ only for the duration of a single Ranked Season.
  • Only the unlocked rewards from a player’s highest rank will be granted.
  • Unlocked Rewards can be found in the inventory at the start of the new season.
Weapon Skin Upgrade System

Introducing the Weapon Skin Upgrade System. Level-up your weapon skins and add new features and styles to your weapon; keep an eye out for Contraband Crates in store (purchasable with G-Coin). Materials used to upgrade skins can be purchased or found with a low probability via certain crates purchasable with BP and through community events.

Contraband CrateCrates can be purchased 200 G-Coin each or bought as a pack of 10 for 1,800 G-Coin.

  • Unboxing gives a chance to acquire the following weapon skins or materials:
    • Upgradable weapon skins
    • Ordinary weapon skin, special grade or above (Special, Rare, Elite, Epic)
    • Schematics (Material)
    • Polymer (Material)
  • 10 Contraband Coupons are required to open a crate.
  • 10 Scrap can be acquired from opening Contraband Crates using G-Coin. Scrap can be used to purchase items from the Scrap Shop.

View the Crate Probability Table here[]

Scrap Shop

  • Scrap acquired from opening Contraband Crates can be used to purchase items from the Scrap Shop. Scrap can be kept indefinitely.
    • Available items:
    • [PROGRESSIVE] Gear Head – Beryl M762
    • Schematics
    • Contraband Coupons


  • View upgrade features for each level of the Upgradable Weapon Skins, and you can upgrade them by consuming your materials.
  • Upgrading your Upgradable Weapon Skins
  • Schematics and Polymer are required
  • Upgrading will unlock features with each level-up. More schematics and polymers are required to upgrade to the next level.
  • An Upgradable Skin, [PROGRESSIVE] Gear Head – Beryl M762’s features for each levels are as follows.
    • Lv.1: Basic Skin Cosmetic (Level 1 appearance)
    • Lv.2: Magazine / Muzzle Skin
    • Lv.3: Uncommon Skin Cosmetic (Level 2 appearance)
    • Lv.4: BATTLESTAT Total Kills
    • Lv.5: Inspect Weapon Animation
    • Lv.6: Killfeed Skin
    • Lv.7: Grip Skin
    • Lv.8: Rare Skin Cosmetic (Level 3 appearance)
    • Lv.9: Loot Crate Skin
    • Lv.10: Scope Skin
  • Once a weapon skin has been upgraded, it cannot be reverted.


  • Salvage your Weapon Skins to earn materials for upgrades
  • Salvage – Weapon Skin
    • Up to 12 Weapon Skins can be selected at a time
    • Earn polymer by salvaging an ordinary Weapon Skin
    • Earn Schematics and Polymer by salvaging an Upgradable Weapon Skin
    • Tiers not listed in the below chart (Event, Basic, Ultimate) cannot be salvaged
    • The number of polymer and schematics earned from Weapon Skins by tiers are listed here[].
Lobby Ball

Teammates no longer appreciate your jump punches to the face during pre-match lobbies anymore? We’ve added some soccer balls as another way to keep you entertained while you prepare to drop in-game. Shoot, dribble and pass, but just don’t kick them into the water..

  • 2 soccer balls spawn in each player-occupied starting area.
  • The soccer balls vanish once the game begins.

  • Added Context Menu (right-click) when customizing your character to facilitate additional options
  • Added skin tier information to the Store preview

Bot Improvements

Since the introduction of bots, we’ve made numerous improvements to their behavior, including adding additional interactions with grenades and cover. With this update, bots will now jump from the plane similarly to other players and we’ve also made additional improvements to the underlying bot AI.

  • These changes apply to all situations where bots spawn:
    • Match: Normal Match
    • Maps where upgraded bots can be found: Erangel, Miramar, Sanhok, Vikendi
    • POV: TPP/FPP
    • Modes: Solo/Duo/Squad

In the Hall of Fame building on Erangel, the PGI.S winners are now being showcased. Relive the excitement from PGI.S in-game.

  • The winning team’s jersey and logo have been added.
  • Names of the winning players are displayed on the Hall of Fame board.
  • Photos of the tournament-winning moment have been put on show.
  • The PGI.S 2021 trophy is also displayed in all its glory.
Emergency Pickup Improvements

Thank you for the tremendous amount of feedback since we first introduction of the Emergency Pickup feature. And, with your feedback in mind, we’re the following changes:

  • Emergency pickup airplanes will appear less frequently.
  • There is now a 90-second cooldown between airplanes.
  • A countdown timer appears on the emergency pickup icon if an airplane isn’t currently available. Using an Emergency Pickup while the airplanes are on cooldown will cause the kit to be wasted.
  • Improved the sound rope sounds when attached players are moving.
  • Changed the model of the airplane.
Reputation System Changes

We have made additional changes to the reputation system to prevent a decrease in reputation points due to player reports.

  • Temporary bans related to potential cheating won’t impact reputation. Players found to be cheating will still be permanently banned.
  • Reputation will still decrease from other types of bans.
  • Breaking the PUBG Rules of Conduct can result in a ban and a subsequent decrease in reputation. We’ve updated in-game wording accordingly.
  • A view profile button has been added when receiving a team invite
    • You can now see a person’s profile before accepting their invitation
  • When receiving multiple team invites, the invite number is displayed in the upper right corner of the window.
    • By default, the most recent team invite is displayed first.
    • When a new team invite is received while viewing the profile via the team invitation message:
      • Team invitation messages from players in the profile you are currently viewing will be pinned to the front, and new team invitations will be placed behind them.
      • You can check that there is an invitation by seeing the number displayed at the top right of the message.
Performance Improvements
  • Improved server performance through server replication cost optimization related to character spawning
  • Enabled “Do not use display scaling in high DPI settings” equivalent setting without requiring it be set manually
  • Optimized processing of physics data through parallelization to improve CPU efficiency and reduce instances of frame drops and hitching
  • Optimized overall server processing load
Items & Skins


  • Sales Period
    • KST: 2 June 11 AM – 24 June 6 PM
    • PDT:  June 7 PM – 24 June 2 AM
    • CEST: 2 June 4 AM – 24 June 11 AM
  • Items
    • Crash Test AKM & Coupon Bundle
    • Crash Test Gear Bundle
    • Crash Test Costume Set
    • Crash Test Motorbike & Coupon Bundle
    • Crash Test SKS & Coupon Bundle
    • Crash Test Emote & Coupon Bundle
    • Crash Test Value Pack
    • Crash Test Weapon & Bike Bundle


  • Sales Period
    • PDT: 22 June 7 PM – 14 September 7 PM
    • KST: 23 June 11 AM – 15 September 11 AM
    • CEST: 23 June 4 AM – 15 September 4 AM
  • Items
    • CNH’s Bundle
    • CNH’s Shirt
    • CNH’s Shorts
    • CNH’s SLR


  • Sales Period
    • PDT: 22 June 2021 7 PM – 21 June 2022 7 PM
    • KST: 23 June 2021 11 AM – 22 June 2022 11 AM
    • CEST: 23 June 2021 4 AM – 22 June 2022 4 AM
  • Items
    • Big Bang
    • Deco Darling
    • Gunsmoke
    • The Returned

Shopping Day Vigilante

  • Sales Period
    • PDT: 13 June 2021 7 PM – 12 June 2022 7 PM
    • KST: 14 June 2021 11 AM – 13 June 2022 11 AM
    • CEST: 14 June 2021 4 AM – 13 June 2022 4 AM
  • 4 Sets
  • Blood Hound Set
    • Blood Hound Muzzle
    • Blood Hound Jacket
    • Blood Hound Pants
    • Blood Hound Boots
    • Blood Hound Gloves
  • Vigilante Set
    • Vigilante Hair (Bonus – Not for individual sale)
    • Vigilante Mask
    • Vigilante Bodysuit
    • Vigilante Jacket
    • Vigilante Shoes
  • Vigilante Helmet Bundle
    • Blood Hound – Helmet (Level 1)
    • Vigilante – Helmet (Level 2)
    • Vigilante – Helmet (Level 3)
  • Vigilante Backpack Bundle
    • Blood Hound – Backpack (Level 1)
    • Blood Hound – Backpack (Level 2)
    • Vigilante – Backpack (Level 3)
  • 2 Emotes
    • Victory Emote 54
    • Victory Emote 55

Ocean Fantasy

  • Sales Period
    • KST: 30 June 2021 11 AM – 29 June 2022 11 AM
    • PDT: 29 June 2021 7 PM – 28 June 2022 7 PM
    • CEST: 30 June 2021 4 AM – 29 June 4 AM
  • 3 Sets
  • Mermaid Costume Set
    • Mermaid Hair
    • MerMade-up
    • Mermaid Outfit
    • Mermaid Flipflops
  • Divemaster Costume Set
    • Divemaster Helmet
    • Divemaster Suit
    • Divemaster Boots
  • Lobster Costume Set
    • Lobster Mask
    • Lobster Costume
    • Victory Dance 56
  • 1 Emote
    • Victory Dance 56
  • 1 Vehicle
    • “Ocean Fantasy” Aquarail

El Solitario

  • Sales Period
    • PDT: 1 June 7 PM – 30 December 6 PM
    • KST: 2 June 11 AM – 31 December 11 AM
    • CEST: 2 June 4 AM – 31 December 4 AM
  • Items
  • El Solitario Biker Set
    • El Solitario Snake Head – Helmet (Level 1)
    • El Solitario Biker Suit
    • El Solitario Biker Gloves
    • El Solitario Biker Boots (Tan)
  • El Solitario Wolf Set
    • El Solitario Wolf – Helmet (Level 1)
    • El Solitario Wolf Bodysuit
    • El Solitario Wolf Gloves
    • El Solitario Biker Boots (Gray)
Replay System

The replay system has been updated. Replay files from previous updates are now unable to be used.

Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the issue where bots weren’t able to attack players on motorcycles.
  • Fixed an issue with bot DBNO bleed speed.
  • Fixed the issue where bots won’t attack players for more than ten seconds.
  • Fixed the issue where a different message is displayed after accepting “Continue with this team”.
  • Fixed the issue where the camera’s up/down rotation angle is overly limited in some vehicles.
  • Fixed the issue where the player perspective doesn’t return to default settings after using the Emergency Pickup.
  • Fixed the issue where players are able to throw an item through a window without breaking it.
  • Fixed the issue where the Helmet hiding feature is turned on as default.
  • Fixed the issue of the Match Report lists showing non-squad members when the match is in progress.
  • Fixed the issue of a DBNO player on a Dirt Bike remaining on the bike, still able to ride.
  • Fixed the issue where the microphone could activate on death even when it isn’t activated in a Custom match.
  • Fixed the issue where the character doesn’t hold their weapon as they get out of the vehicle in certain situations.
  • Fixed the issue where a destroyed Motor Glider could cause the driver to be de-synced appear in a different location after landing.
  • Fixed the issue where the Blue Zone was blocking the backpack and Emergency Pickup interaction.
  • Fixed the issue where players were unable to eject from Emergency Pickup


  • Fixed an issue where the nickname of the opponent team was displayed in the player selection list when reporting a squad member from the squad management menu during TDM.
  • Fixed an issue where a player’s own nickname wasn’t highlighted in yellow on the leaderboards.
  • Fixed an issue on Miramar where the plane path UI and exiting the plane wouldn’t work correctly in a few specific situations. 
  • Aligned the text under Settings → Audio → Master Volume.
  • Fixed the issue with the Equip UI being displayed in red randomly while riding in a vehicle.
  • Fixed the issue where squad-mates online status wasn’t reflected in real-time on the social page.
  • Fixed the issue of a missing comma in the G-Coin prices in the purchase pop-up.
  • Fixed the issue where the “Back to custom session” message is displayed when creating a Custom match and then accessing the Social screen.
  • Fixed the issue where the season mission image displayed the wrong weapon image.
  • Fixed an issue where the result screen was not displayed upon death when switching from the replay screen to the highlight and then returning to the lobby and playing the game again.
  • Fixed the issue where players are able to send an invitation to players in matchmaking situations and form a team.
  • Fixed the issue where the color of the survival mastery reward LV.370 nameplate is partially displayed in the wrong color.
  • Fixed the issue where the friend’s orders are wrongly displayed on the social screen.
  • Fixed the issue of online friends not being updated in real-time on the Social widget.
  • Fixed the issue where certain menus were not displayed in the Social widget as intended.
  • Fixed the issue where the played time with friends was displayed in the Social menu.
  • Fixed the issue where some English descriptions were incorrect in some Medals.
  • Fixed the issue where the translation for Play Zone and Red Zone weren’t applied on the killfeed.
  • Fixed the issue where players who have already been added as friends show up in the ‘previously played with list’ on certain accounts.

Skin & Items

  • Fixed an issue with the left arm graphics being displaying strangely, depending on the graphic quality, after equipping the Crash Test Handwraps.
  • Fixed the clipping issue occurring after equipping the LV.1 Vest followed by the Mad’s Jumpsuit on a female character.
  • Fixed the clipping issue when Spike Sweetness Jacket and PCS2 Unseen Survivor Masks are equipped at the same time.

2021 PUBG Dev Plan – World

: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

2021 PUBG Dev Plan – World

Hello Survivors,

We’re a good chunk of the way into the new year and already things feel much more promising than the last. 2020 was a difficult year for many and we, like other developers around the world, found ourselves scrambling to adjust to a whole new way to work and create. Through the challenges, we’re proud that we were able to debut 3 new Battlegrounds; Karakin, Paramo, and Haven, while also shipping reworks of Vikendi and Sanhok. 2020 also saw the release of Team Deathmatch and Ranked Mode, along with a number of new weapons, tools, features, and vehicles. The world as a whole may not have had a great year, but we personally have much to be thankful for- especially you, our fans sticking with us through a complicated year of experimentation.

Your continued support and feedback give us tangible goals to work towards but funneling the feedback of a global audience into one update that satisfies everyone is never an easy task. One ongoing piece of feedback we’ve heard pretty universally though is the desire for us to give more focus to larger maps, especially after a year that focused largely on smaller ones. Here, in the first part of our 2021 Dev Plan, we’re going to reveal how we’re doing just that.

As we just mentioned, after experimenting and learning with smaller maps and their unique features during 2020, we’ve taken the time to refocus on what we know many of our core audience values the most. 2021 is the year of the large map and will be in more ways than one. Let’s start with some easy wins before we talk about our plans for new and shiny.


Miramar has been a map that’s needed love for a while now. Our last revamp went a long way to help the map out, bringing it into the PUBG universe with new aesthetics and matching lore elements, while fixing a few of the pain points that existed since its launch.

With Update 12.1, we’ll be introducing a much larger remastering of Mirarmar, taking into account many of the new technologies we’ve employed in our newer maps, including lighting, performance, graphical fidelity, topography, and of course special features.

Expect to see big overhauls to terrain and building textures and layouts, easier traversal with the removal of unnecessary obstacles, and even updated cliffs to better fit in the more vertical experience the game has become.

Miramar’s remaster will make it’s way into the live server soon, so keep an eye out for more information.

Codename: Tiger

Following the remastering of Miramar, comes the first new 8×8 Battleground in 3 years. Tiger will utilize all the aspects of the Battlegrounds that you’ve known over the years but with one key change; the ability to return to the battle after an initial defeat. This is a feature we’ve seen become fairly common in the Battle Royale genre and is something we’ve been asked about quite a bit, especially when it comes to duos and squads. If you’ve been paying attention, you’ll see we’ve experimented a bit recently with what respawning on a Battleground looks like and Tiger is a big reason why.

Besides respawns, new features never seen before in PUBG will continually be added to Tiger, so stay tuned!

Codename: Kiki

The 8×8 goodness doesn’t end with Tiger. In late 2021/early 2022, our 4th 8×8 map will launch. Kiki will boast a diverse set of locations, from mysterious underground labs to massive skyscrapers to swampland to subways to underwater buildings – we’re looking at many different locations to thrill and challenge survivors in our most diverse and exploration focused Battleground yet. Planning for Kiki is still pretty early, but we’ll be back with more information later in the year.

We’re beyond excited to be getting back to business as usual in 2021. Not only as a global society, but as developers doing what we do best- huge 8×8 survival experiences to test even the most battle-hardened Survivors out there. Between Miramar, Tiger, and Kiki, you can look forward to a whole year worth of new and improved 8×8 content, always chock full of new weapons, vehicles, items, and plenty of PUBG’s signature style.

On behalf of everyone here, we’d like to thank you for your continued support and feedback. We’ll be back soon with part 2 of our 2021 Dev Plan, which will go over core gameplay and service. Thanks once again and we’ll see you on the Battlegrounds!

Welcome to the first PUBG CONTINENTAL SERIES of 2021, introducing PCS4!

Hello, PUBG Esports fans!

At last, we are finally heading towards the fourth series of PUBG CONTINENTAL SERIES(PCS)!

The PUBG CONTINENTAL SERIES, which debuted with the PCS Charity Showdown in 2020, will be going through an overhaul for the upcoming PCS4 event. These are the changes we’re making:

  • Latin America finally joins the grand challenge towards the region’s top!
    • The Latin America and North America regions have now consolidated to become the Americas.
  • PCS matches will now be held weekly over three weeks. Along with an increased total number of matches.
  • Last but not least, the prize pool has been increased.

PCS4 will be held across four different regions, with matches beginning on June 10 for Asia Pacific and the Americas, followed by Europe and Asia, beginning on June 12.

Regional breakdown:

  • Asia – which consists of Korea, Japan, China, and Chinese Taipei
  • Asia Pacific – which consists of Southeast Asia and Oceania
  • Americas – North America and Latin America
  • Europe – Europe, Middle East, and Africa

Tournament Schedule

  • Asia Pacific / Americas
    • June 10-11
    • June 17-18
    • June 24-25
  • Asia / Europe
    • June 12-13
    • June 19-20
    • June 26-27

Total Matches

  • 36 matches in total per region (6 matches per day)

Greater, Bigger Prize pool

PCS4 has a significant prize pool of 1 Million USD split equally across the four participating regions; in addition, 5% increased, 30% of total revenue from PCS4 item sales will be added to the total prize pool.

  • Each region will have a starting prize pool of $250K.
  • 30% of revenue sharing of PCS4 item sales to the participating teams.

Prize Pool

Basic Prize : $210,000

  • Week 1 : $70,000
  • Week 2 : $70,000
  • Week 3 : $70,000


Special Prize : $20,000

KILL LEADER ($5,000)

  • Prize granted to a player with most kills.
  • Prize will be distributed evenly in case of a tie.

All PCS Team ($10,000)

  • Prize granted to 4 best performing players from the Series.


  • Prize granted to the team which showed the most impressive moment in the Series.

Pick’em Challenge

The Pick’em Challenge event, which gives fans a chance to benefit directly from the livestream action, is returning for the course of the three-week event.

  • Sale period of the PCS4 items
    • PC: After the maintenance on June 2, 2021 – 6 pm on June. 24th, 2021 KST
    • Console: 11am on June. 10, 2021 – 11am on July. 14th, 2021 KST
  • The PCS4 Pick ’em Challenge event period
    • After the maintenance on June. 2nd, 2021 – 6 pm on June. 24th, 2021 KST
  • Sales period of the Esports Shop
    • After the maintenance on June. 2nd, 2021 – 11 am on July. 14th, 2021 KST
  • Pick’em reward claiming period
    • June. 29th, 2021 – 11am on July, 14th, 2021 KST

Which team will be the first regional champions of the year 2021! Witness the victory yourself in PCS4, June!

Patch Notes – Rainbow Lucky Draw, Community Map Vote (May.20.2021)

Dear Adventurers,
Welcome to the latest official patch notes for Ring of Elysium. Here are the full details:

Rainbow Lucky Draw
  • Lucky Draw is back with a rainbow twist this time! Exclusive rewards include five brand-new themed weapon skins, accessory, and portrait
    • Event period: May 20 to June 3
    • Players can draw 9 times during the event, and each draw costs 280 E-points
    • Each draw will guarantee one of the prizes in the prize pool, prizes already drawn will not be drawn twice
  • “Childhood Accessories Box” has also been added to Coin Store, priced at 6100 coins, purchase for a random accessory inside the box!

Community Map Vote
  • Event period: May 20 to June 1, 2021
  • Event details:
    • Community Map Vote is back! Players can vote between Europa Island, Mt. Dione, and Vera. Voting will last for two weeks, and the map with the most votes will become the main map of the game (Normal Mode) from June 3 to July 7, 2021
    • The voting UI can be found in the game lobby’s “Event Center”, each vote costs 100 coins, and each account can cast up to 20 votes per day
    • After each vote, players will get a “Vote Participation Box”, open it for random rewards include exclusive timed Weapon Skins, E-Points, Coins, Experience, and more
    • Please note: The 100 coin cost per vote refers to the credits earned by playing the game for free, not E-Points which is purchased with real-life currency

Thanks for playing,

PUBG Fashion Week Social Media Event

Hello PUBG fans!

For some Battlegrounds Survivors, fashion is just as important as winning that coveted chicken dinner. They take the near limitless combinations of outfits in the game and make something personal and unique to take with them on every drop. That’s why we’re holding the first-ever PUBG Fashion Week, where players can show off their style and take home great prizes for their creativity!

Here’s how the two event categories will work:

1. Fashionista

  • Use a variety of skins to create your own stylish fashion set!

2. Fashion Pioneer

  • Complete an avant-garde fashion set that represents your fashion philosophy using only three single pieces!

Outfit your character in your creation and take a screenshot to post on your social media accounts with the required information. This info includes the required hashtags, your PUBG in-game nickname, and which platform you’re playing PUBG on. Our team will review entries that meet all the required criteria and choose winners!

Winners will each receive free clothing skins from an upcoming release to add to their already impressive wardrobe.

You can check out more details below and we look forward to seeing what you put together!

How to Participate
  • Take screenshots for the Fashionista or Fashion Pioneer themes or both!
  • Post screenshots to your social media along with the required information:
    • #PUBGFashionWeek
    • Country #Hashtag (see the list below for yours)
    • Field of Entry #Hashtag
      • Fashionista: #PUBGFashionista
      • Fashion Pioneer: #PUBGPioneer
    • For example, if you’re participating from Canada:
    • Ingame Nickname: PUBG_01 / Steam / #PUBGFashionWeek #PUBGNA #PUBGFashionista


  • PUBG In-game Nickname
  • PUBG Platform (Steam, Kakao, Xbox, PlayStation, Stadia)
  • Required #Hashtags
  • List of #Hashtags by country

    Common Hastag
    Country Hashtag



    Canada /

    United States




















    • Eligible Social Media Channels
      • Twitter
      • Instagram
      • Facebook
      • Weibo
    Schedule and Regulations
    • You may post your entries until May 30th, 2021 11:59 PM (Applications submitted after this date will not be accepted.)
    • You must participate with a screenshot of your account.
    • Please be sure to keep the original file for submitted screenshots. We may request this at a later date.
    • When posting on social media, be sure to make it public so that everyone can see it.
    • When posting, you must include the following information to be eligible. Please don’t forget!
      • #PUBGFashionWeek
      • Country #Hashtag (see the list below for yours)
      • Field of Entry #Hashtag
        • Fashionista: #PUBGFashionista
        • Fashion Pioneer: #PUBGPioneer
      • PUBG In-game Nickname
      • PUBG Platform (Steam, Kakao, Xbox, PlayStation, Stadia)
      • Required #Hashtags
    • All applications must be posted through either Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, or Weibo.
    • If there are applicants with the same set of skins, participating work submitted first will be given priority.

    The winners in each category theme will be rewarded with new clothing skins (excluding bags, parachutes, and weapon skins) to be released in Q3 2021.

    • Rewards will be limited to items that can be purchased with G-Coins.
      • Esports items and pass are excluded.
    • Items will be distributed in single items, not in sets.
    Terms of Service
    • The company has the full authority over the criteria and method of winner selection, and one cannot challenge this.
    • Entries submitted for the event can be used by the company for the promotional purpose.
    • Entries found to have cheated in any way will be disqualified (eg. stealing screenshots.)
    • The event details and period can be changed or cancelled without participant’s consent or prior notice.
    • The prize can be replaced with another giveaway of the same value without participant’s consent or prior notice.
    • The prize is not transferable, and one cannot request cash or other types of giveaway in exchange for the determined prize.
    • Participants agree that any conflicts or claims related to the event or giveaways are handled under the laws of the Republic of Korea.

    The PUBG Team.

Dota 2 Update – May 18th, 2021

– Fixed a hang when backgrounding Dota with Alt+Tab during startup when using the DX11 rendering system.
– Team supporter health bar logos will now appear in all languages.
– Fixed a bug where seeking to a time in replays would cause bursts of noise.
– Medusa’s Stone Gaze no longer plays a sound effect when applied to non-heroes.

End of Season 11 Ranked and Rewards

Hello Survivors!

After weeks of fierce competition on the Battlegrounds, the Season 11 Ranked Season is soon coming to an end, with just a few short weeks remaining. Drop in, gear up, and secure those rewards!

Ranked rewards will be distributed to all eligible players on July 2nd, once server maintenance is complete. Read on for full details on the Season 11 Ranked rewards.

Honor Based Rewards

An additional focus is being placed on your most recent Ranked achievements, with honor-based rewards such as nameplates and emblems now only available to display for the duration of the new season.

We hope this change encourages players to continue their ranked progression while also adding a little more prestige to those hard-earned rewards each season.

Ranked in-game cosmetics, such as parachute skins, etc., will remain available to use throughout all seasons.

Players who reach the highest ranks will receive additional rewards, such as animated nameplates and emblems to make the grind just a little sweeter.

  • At the beginning of Season 12, all eligible players will be granted their Season 11 rewards, including nameplates/emblems available for the duration of the season.
  • Honor-based rewards from Season 11 will be removed at the start of next season.
Season 11 Ranked Mode Rewards

Ranked rewards are granted based on your rank at season end. Players who reach at least Gold V will receive the Season 11 Ranked Parachute skin!

Those who fight their way to Platinum or higher will also be rewarded with a unique Animated Emblem. Master or higher players will also receive an Animated Nameplate.

The Top 500 players from each region will receive a unique Top 500 Animated Emblem and Animated Nameplate to show their status as world-beaters. Top 500 players will be displayed in-game on the LEADERBOARD.

Finally, view all your Season 11 Ranked stats by checking out the STATS screen under the CAREER tab in-game once the season wraps up.

  • Season 11 Emblem & Nameplates
    • Players who played at least 10 Ranked Matches will earn an emblem and nameplate matching their end-of-season rank.
    • Platinum Tier and above receive an Animated Ranked Emblem.
    • Master Tier and above receive an Animated Nameplate.
    • Top 500 players are rewarded with a Unique Animated Emblem and Nameplate.
    • Honor-based emblems will now be shown on your PUBG ID and displayed to enemies when you successfully take them out. Emblems will also be visible in the Death Cam and to spectators.

Season 11 Skin

  • Players Gold V and above will receive an exclusive Season 11 Ranked Parachute Skin.
Ranked Schedule
  • Season 11 Ranked Mode will end once servers go into maintenance on June 2nd KST (PC) / June 10th KST (Console).
  • Season 12 Ranked Mode will begin when servers go live with the live server update next month.
How will my Rewards be Delivered?

All rewards are granted automatically at the beginning of the new season. You may collect them from the pop-up screen shown upon your first log-in of the new season.

–The PUBG Dev Team

Steam Client Update Released

Note: This update has been re-released on March 23rd to fix an issue in the prior day’s update that caused mouse sensitivity in multiple games to be impacted by opening and closing the overlay.

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.


  • Added spelling suggestions to Library and Steam Chat context menus
  • Showing size on disk for DLCs under game properties
  • Fixed showing localized game names in pop-up notifications
  • The Steamworks SDK redistributable used by dedicated servers has been brought up-to-date with this release

In-Game Overlay

  • Improved responsiveness of web based UI and of the friends and chat UI inside the in-game overlay
  • Fixed overlay support for 32-bit Vulkan applications on Windows

Steam Input

  • When using Steam Input, active controllers fill in XInput slots in the order they generate input (e.g. the first person to click A will be player 1 in many games
  • Fixed issues with game detecting controllers while the overlay is up on Windows
  • Fix issue with analog axes in the Windows version of Slay the Spire

Remote Play

  • By default stream at 1080p to prevent accidental 4K streams
  • Added an option to stream up to 8K resolutions (results may vary depending on hardware)
  • Added a menubar at the top that gives you an easy way to stop streaming
  • Added a toast when you connect a controller that shows how to bring up additional controller features
  • Improved audio range when using volume controls

Remote Play Together

  • Added support to invite anyone to Remote Play Together
    • Now you can Remote Play Together with anyone – no Steam account needed to join your game with the click of a link. Simply launch any of the thousands of games with support for Remote Play Together, then grab an invite link from your Friends list in the overlay. Send the link to your friend on Windows, macOS, Linux, iOS or Android, and they can click your invite to join in the fun.
    • For more information, and to share your feedback regarding the new Invite Anyone functionality, join us in the Steam Remote Play Group.

  • Inviting a friend will not auto-start a voice chat session
  • Remote keyboard and mouse are disabled by default in Remote Play Together
  • Added a connect dialog that gives you information about who is playing and what input they’re using
  • Local controllers fill XInput slots first and guest controllers fill slots in order of arrival
  • Fixed issue with game controllers not being detected properly when the game doesn’t have focus
  • Fixed bug with controller not being recognized if Xbox Configuration Support was enabled on the client PC
  • Enabled direct peer to peer connection by default (this can be changed in the Steam Remote Play settings)
  • Fixed local guide chord input leaking through to the host computer


  • Fixed bug causing 64-bit Windows games to not attempt a direct connection and always relay using Steam Datagram Relay.
  • Fixed bug causing GetQuickConnectionStatus to not populate m_cbSentUnackedReliable properly


  • Fixed some popup web dialogs that did not close when triggered by the web page to close
  • Fixed mouse interaction not working with embedded YouTube videos
  • Fixed overlay not responding to mouse input in certain games on macOS 10.15+
  • Re-enabled HW acceleration settings on macOS 11.1+


  • Added support for the new Mesa single-file shader cache format, reducing disk usage and improving performance when parsing and modifying the cache. (requires Mesa master as of 08101aaaace22)
  • Fixed a regression where the client would recursively follow symlinks in Proton install folders while discovering music files

Steam Client Update Released

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.


  • Fix long delay before first game launch of the session for users with thousands of shared screenshots

Remote Play

  • Added 40 Mbit and 75 Mbit custom bitrate options
  • Fixed controller hotplug support for Unity games
  • Replaced the menubar with an overlay that comes up when holding the ESC key
  • Only show keyboard and controller toasts if there’s input from those devices
  • Fixed non-breaking-space display in French and German
  • Fixed font rendering in Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Thai, and Vietnamese

Steam Cloud

  • Improve performance by uploading/downloading multiple files in parallel


  • Added support for localized album covers


  • Improved peer-to-peer routing to better utilize relays in data centers not connected to the Valve backbone

Steam Client Update Released

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.


  • Fix a possible crash for users with around 25,000 or more games
  • Fix a hitch for users with large libraries after clicking past the first page of the install wizard.
  • Fixed current step status being truncated in the Library while installing a game
  • Fixed a bug with not restoring missing symlinks when verifying integrity of game files


  • Achievements that track progress will now display progress in their hovers on the game details page

Steam Input

  • Added options for joystick deadzones sources. Modes can now use no deadzone, the deadzone from the controller’s calibration, or a custom deadzone. Joystick modes bound to joystick outputs will default to have no deadzone.
  • Increased responsiveness of Action Set and Action Set Layer changes bound to button presses
  • Fixed an issue where radial menus could send the previously highlighted item when clicking before the radial menu is fully on-screen
  • Fixed some cases where games rapidly turning on and off rumble could cause hitches for Switch Controllers.

Remote Play

  • Fixed error launching the streaming client on some Windows systems
  • Fixed potential streaming client crash when starting the stream
  • Use VA-API 0.2 on Linux for optional hardware decode functionality, depends on up to date 32-bit libva packages for your distribution


  • Fix mouse input sometimes failing to work in browser window iframes.


  • Offer better diagnostics when Steam Play tools cannot be removed due to dependencies. Improve overall robustness.
  • Updated fossilize layer to be compatible with recent Proton Experimental

Patch Notes – FREE S14 Pass, Community Skin Vote, Ranked Rewards (May.12.2021)

Dear Adventurers,
Welcome to the latest official patch notes for Ring of Elysium. Here are the full details:

Pinnacle Challenges
  • The S14 Adventurer Pass will have a reward overhaul, new rewards including brand new Adventurer Characters (2 Female, 1 Male), E-Points, Coins and random Coin boxes, weapon skins, vehicle appearances, and more!
  • If you want to grab the S14 Pass for free, make sure to complete the Pinnacle Challenges! Complete 7 challenges for a FREE Season 14 Adventurer Pass valued at 950 E-Points, as well as other exclusive rewards!

“Mosin-Nagant” Weapon Skin Community Vote
  • The next Mosin-Nagant weapon skin will be designed by the community, and picked by the community! During submission stage, we received a total of 31 designs, and after internal review and screening (judging from design, creativity, aesthetic, etc.), the top three were selected for the adventurers to vote in-game to determine the winner. The winning design will be made in the game and open to all players to obtain for FREE in the form of an event
  • Voting period: May 12 to May 19, 2021
  • Event rules:
    • The voting panel can be found in the game lobby’s “Event Center”, each vote costs 100 coins, and each account can cast up to 20 votes per day
    • After each vote, players will get a “Vote Participation Box”, open it for random rewards include exclusive timed Weapon Skins, E-Points, Coins, Experience, and more
    • Please note: The 100 coin cost per vote refers to the credits earned by playing the game for free, not E-Points which is purchased with real-life currency

Leaderboard Exclusive Rewards
  • We plan to release a “leaderboard exclusive nameplate reward system” with the launch of S14, exclusive “nameplates” will be sent to the top 100 players ranked on the S13 leaderboard according to their positions
  • System details:
    • Leaderboard nameplates have “Solo” and “Squad” styles, each with five levels of designs, which are issued according to your ranking
    • If the same player gets multiple “nameplates” at the same time, the nameplates will be displayed according to priority, “Squad” nameplates takes precedence over “Solo”, and higher-level nameplates takes precedence over the lower-level ones
    • The total score includes FPP and TPP matchmaking in Solo and Squad mode in each server, that means only 4 total score rankings are calculated in each server
    • The nameplate issued is only valid for the current season, for example, the nameplate obtained by players in S14 will expire in S15
    • “Nameplates” is force-displayed in front of the player ID and cannot be hidden or changed. It displays in: Leaderboard interface, team interface, in-game elimination info, friend list, etc.

Thanks for playing,

The End of Broken Fang

Today Operation Broken Fang comes to an end, but some of its more popular features will live on. Note that if you have unspent stars, you will have until May 15th to spend them, after which they will expire.

Premier Competitive and Retakes were popular and are sticking around. Premier Competitive is still an option in the Competitive tab and Retakes has a new home among the Wargames.

For those of you that want to continue collecting your official Competitive and Wingman stats (or those of you that didn’t participate in Operation Broken Fang but want to try out the stats feature), you can now subscribe to CS:GO 360 Stats for $0.99 per month. It includes access to the CS:GO 360 Stats page as well as your team’s Round Win Chance report in Competitive and Premier game modes. Additional information can be found in our CS:GO 360 Stats help article.

Map Pool Changes

As part of today’s update we are making changes to the Active Duty Map Pool. Train is leaving the station, and Ancient is taking its place with a revamped A Site and minor changes to B site.

We’re also updating the community maps available in the game. Mocha and Grind are now available to play in Competitive Scrimmage, as well as in Defusal Group Sigma in other game modes.

Additionally, Calavera and Pitstop are now available to play in Wingman.

New Weapon Cassssse

The Snakebite Weapon Case features 17 community-designed weapon finishes, and includes the Broken Fang set of gloves as rare special items!

PCS 2021 Ruleset and Prizes

: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

PCS 2021 Ruleset and Prizes

Hello PUBG Esports fans.

We received quite a bit of feedback following our announcement of the newly-introduced 2021 PCS ruleset[]. Your passion and honesty are always greatly appreciated and we want to continue the discussion regarding the concerns many of you had. Our goal with the changes is to elevate PUBG Esports for both the competitor and the viewer, so we’d like to take some time to talk about the update in a little more detail.

What you play is what you watch

Our aim with the updated ruleset is to bring PUBG Esports closer in line with the BattleRoyale gameplay experience. Winning is everything – whether you’re a solo, duos, or squads player, the Chicken Dinner is always the ultimate prize.

While the previous S.U.P.E.R. settings helped to establish a strong foundation for the competitive community by reducing some of the game’s more unpredictable elements, over time it has seen us move further away from the core concepts and objectives of Battle Royale. We’re eager to reduce the gap between what PUBG fans play, and what they watch.

There is something to be said about the sheer excitement that happens when a team wins a match. With the WWCD rules during PGI.S, we experienced many thrilling and adrenaline pumping moments throughout the tournament, and we want to maintain this feeling through future events.

How it Works

No change to the rules can be made without taking every step to maintain the element of fairness for our professional players.

Under the revised ruleset, some teams may be required to rethink their strategies and tactics, but across an increased number of matches per event, everyone will have a shot at earning a win. We’re raising the number of Grand Finals games played from 24 in PCS 2020 to 36 in PCS 2021.

Just like before, PCS events will host matches two days a week over a three week period – that means six match days in total. However, the following changes will be applied this time around:

  • Each day will have six matches, increased from four, leading to 12 matches per week and 36 matches in total.
  • Every week will be an individual league with prize money awarded to the top eight squads.
  • The team with the highest amount of prize money at the end of the tournament will be crowned champions.

Each team faces the same challenge at the start of a match: be the last squad standing. And to be champions, they’ll need to prove that they have the mettle to capture Chicken Dinners consistently throughout the event.

Earn to win

As explained above, the top teams will earn prize money across three competition weeks. There’s $70,000 USD on the line each week, with an extra $20,000 reserved for the series winner.

Kill points will still play an important factor in the new system, as equally matched teams will be separated by their kills. It will be the key factor in deciding the final rank. The deadliest player will even receive a bonus award! We’ll have more details on these soon, so stay tuned.

Keep the feedback coming

We know that this new direction is a big shift from the current ruleset, and we understand the concerns shared so far. But as we look to grow PUBG Esports through 2021 and beyond, we’re excited to revisit the core elements that make Battle Royale such a fun and unique genre to watch as well as play, and we’ll be listening to your feedback as we journey to the PUBG Global Championship.

As always, our sincerest thanks to all the PUBG esports fans out there for your love and enthusiasm. We’ll be back soon with more information on PCS4!

PUBG Esports team.