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Patch Notes – Adventurer Season 9 Major Update (Jun.18.2020)

Dear Adventurers,

Welcome to the latest official patch notes for Ring of Elysium. Here are the full details:

Please note:
Ring of Elysium’s live servers will go down for maintenance for approximately four hours at:
  • Pacific Time: June 18th, 0:00-4:00
  • UTC/GMT: June 18th, 7:00-11:00

During the maintenance period, the game will not be available and ongoing games will be interrupted directly. Please be sure to finish all matches before the above time to avoid any issues. Thank you for your patience and understanding.

Adventurer Season 9- REBOOT
  • Adventurer Season 9 officially kicks off! Unlock the Adventure Pass for brand-new Adventurer Characters, play to rank up your Tiers, earn in-game rewards, and earn 1500 E-Points back!
  • The Adventurer Pass spans over the 10-week season and is a way for players to earn exclusive in-game rewards. By playing the game and ranking up the seasonal Adventurer Tiers, players will unlock various epic rewards including:
    • E-points: The S9 Adventurer Pass rewards include a total of 1500 E-points! Players can spend 950 E-points to unlock the Adventurer Pass and earn 1500 E-points back when they hit tier 97
    • Adventurer Characters (does not affect game balance)
      • There will be three Adventurer Characters in this season. All characters have a variety of unlockable styles, and will gradually unlock as the player’s Tier increases their Adventurer Pass
        • Hawk (Base Character Preview)

        • Klein (Base Character Preview)

        • Ada (Preview to be revealed)
    • Portraits
    • Traversal equipment appearances
    • Lobby music
    • Loading screens
    • and more!
  • The Adventurer Pass is separated into two parts:
    • The Free Pass – all players can obtain rewards by increasing their Adventurer Tiers without any sort of payment
    • The Adventurer Pass, which is available for 950 E-Points. E-Points are a premium in-game currency obtained with real-world money via Steam payment (1000 E-Points is equivalent to $9.99 USD)
  • As always, none of the rewards in the Adventurer Pass affects game balance, and all unlocked rewards stay forever

Limited Time Modes
  • New LTM- 4v4 TDM “Heavy Caliber”
    • “Heavy Caliber” is the 4v4 TDM mode with brand-new recoil pattern for all weapons and additional gunplay mechanic adjustments, bringing you a more exciting gunplay experience, for more details on the gunplay changes, read below
  • Extended all LTM available times by 1 hour per day
  • Increased LTM’s experience bonus from 200% to 400%

  • Weapon Recoil Overhaul
    • The weapon recoil mechanic has been updated from the ground up. Different weapons will have their own characteristics, and players will be able to learn and master the recoil pattern of each weapon. Our goal is to bring a deeper gunplay experience to Ring of Elysium by creating actual differences between weapons
    • Please note: Players will be able to test out this overhaul in our Team Deathmatch Limited-time Mode “Heavy Caliber” exclusively for the time being
  • Weapon Balance
    • Bullet travel and velocity is being adjusted as well. Depending on how far away you’re shooting, you’ll start seeing a more noticeable bullet drop-off. Weapons also now have slightly adjusted ADS speed as well- stocks and the horizontal grip will increased the ADS speed, while the 2x, 4x, and 8x scopes will reduce the ADS speed
    • Assault rifles and submachine guns’ damage and damage drop-off has been adjusted as well
  • Bullet Penetration
    • New to Ring of Elysium is the brand-new bullet penetration mechanic for certain weapons. Depending on where you hit a target, the bullet may continue to travel through. After a bullet hits a target, it’ll simulate the penetration in the human body and calculate damage according to the location with the highest damage rate
    • Weapons with a light amount of bullet penetration are Assault Rifles, Light Machine Guns, and the Desert Eagle. For example, if a bullet hits someone’s arm that is lined up to make contact with other parts of their body, the damage will be calculated according to the highest damage area hit
    • Weapons with a significant amount of bullet penetration are Sniper Rifles and Designated Marksman Rifles. For example, if someone is behind the first target, the bullet can penetrate the first target and continue to do damage to the second target
    • Lastly, SMG, Shotgun and Pistols (except the Desert Eagle) does not have any bullet penetration
  • Weapon Performance
    • Optimized the camera shake of equipped scopes when firing aiming down sight, making it more intense and immersive, creating a more dynamic difference between weapons
    • Optimized the scope sway when aiming down a scope to be in line with the character’s breath
    • Optimized the animation of aiming down sight in third person perspective

S9 Supporter rewards & Adventurer Pass Owner Exclusive Rewards
  • Introducing “Supporter rewards”! Purchase any amount of E-Points during Season 9 to claim a supporter reward pack at the Event Center, rewards include an Epic LVOA-C weapon skin, a vehicle appearance, and a special portrait
  • Introducing “Exclusive Daily Chest,” Adventurer Pass owners can claim one chest daily for random rewards including portraits, E-Points, weapon skins, accessories, and more!

Lucky Draw- Season 9
  • Lucky Draw is back and updated with new rewards! With an epic prize pool including the AUG weapon skin, vehicle appearance, a set of traversal equipment appearances, and accessory!
  • Event Period: June 18th – July 15th, 2020 (Pacific Time)
  • Event rules:
    • Players can find the Lucky Draw interface by visiting the “Event Center” in the lobby
    • This event is divided into four 7-day stages, players can draw 5 times during each stage and each draw costs 50 E-Points
    • Players are guaranteed to get one item from the prize pool per draw, and items already drawn will not be repeatedly rewarded

FREE Reward Events in Season 9
  • Raging Sea Supply Box & First Blood Lootcrate update
    • Updated the rewards for the two supply boxes in Season 9
  • Season 9 Log-in Rewards
    • Log-in to the game to get your special gifts and start off your Season 9 adventures in style! Gifts include a set of traversal equipment appearances and 7-day character and weapon skin free-trial
  • Event: FREE SCAR-H Weapon Skin “Deep Sea”
    • Introducing the FREE weapon skin event for Season 9: SCAR-H “Deep Sea”
    • During the event, log-in to get the 14-day free-trial version of the skin immediately
    • You can get 10 points for daily logins and 5 points for completing daily tasks
    • Reach 100 points during the event period to earn the permanent version of the skin for FREE!
    • This weapon skin is limited to this event. After the event, this skin will not be sold in any form. Make sure not to miss it

Leaderboard and statistics reset
  • With the launch of Season 9, we have reset the leaderboards, player ratings, and all personal statistics. This will continue to happen at the start of every new season

Battle Buddy- Season 9 Update
  • We have reset the rewards of the Battle Buddy invitation system and all players’ Battle Buddy relationships. Players are welcomed to continue recruiting new Battle Buddies in the Season 9 to join your adventures

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an incorrect helicopter spawn point on Vera


Season 9 Prologue- “REBOOT”

Dear Adventurers,

Time truly flies, from Mt. Dione, to Europa Island, and landing at Vera. Ring of Elysium has journeyed through eight seasons with your company, and Season 9 officially kicks off tomorrow!

The ROE development team would like to thank all the Adventurers who have been with us throughout this incredible journey. It is your love and passion that drives our devs forward and stay true to our vision.

Over the past seasons, our development efforts have focused on providing players with more unique features that are fun to play, such as the traversal abilities, tactical abilities, battlecars, and many memorable Adventurer characters.

Throughout that process, we continuously collected and analyzed the feedback and suggestions from the community, and we have come to realization that the fundamental experience of the game should come first. Only through polishing the core qualities of the game can lead to a better experience for our players, and that core experience is crucial. Therefore, we have decided to adjust our direction towards polishing core elements, and present a game that’s focused on realism.

▲New Adventurer Character in S9- Hawk

▲New Adventurer Character in S9- Klein

In Season 8, our new map- Vera showed an higher-quality lighting and more realistic environment compared to other maps, which has received positive feedback from players, which backed up our belief that polishing the core experience of the game is the more important task at hand.

In Season 9, we plan to delve deep into ROE’s gunplay, implement more lighting improvements, and other fundamental aspects, so that players can experience more realistic graphics and lighting, and deeper gunplay mechanics.

▲Lighting update preview

▲Each weapon will have a unique recoil pattern that can be learned and mastered

We are going back to our roots, resetting our focus to build Ring of Elysium the best game we can, hence the name of the season- REBOOT!

Thank you for reading, see you in-game tomorrow.


Predict the champions of PCS 1! Pick’Em Challenge is now available

Hello, PUBG Esports fans!

With the PUBG Continental Series 1 (PCS 1), the 2020 global PUBG Esports event to name each region’s best teams is also welcoming the return of the Pick’em Challenge.

The Pick’Em Challenge, first introduced during the PUBG Global Championship (PGC) 2019, offers a chance to win special items by successfully predicting the winner.

Availability of PCS 1 items

After the completion of the live server maintenance day on Jun. 17, 2020 – 5 p.m. on Jul. 2, 2020 (KST)

Voting period:

After the completion of the live server maintenance day on Jun. 17, 2020 – 6 p.m. on Jul. 2, 2020 (KST)

Availability of special items in the Esports Shop with Esports Points (EPs):

11 am July 7, 2020 – 9 am July 22, 2020 (KST)

Twenty-five percent of the revenue from PCS 1 items will be equally distributed among the four regional events. Exactly 12.5% of the 25% will go to the prize pool, and the other 12.5% will be allocated evenly to all participating teams.

This new Pick’Em Challenge for PCS 1 returns with bigger rewards and more fun, together with the Esports Shop and other line-ups of events. Check out the details below and FAQs and don’t miss out on your chance to get special PCS 1 items!

Introducing, PUBG Esports Shop!

Starting with PCS 1, the Esports Shop is opening as an in-game space for PUBG Esports fans. You can use the shop and claim the final rewards and items from the Pick’Em Challenge with Esports Points. You can earn EPs by winning the games provided in the Pick’Em Challenge.

Improved Pick’Em Challenge Event

There are two types of Pick’Em Challenges for PCS 1, and you can earn EPs by participating in the event.

1. Predict the champion of each region!

In the main game of the Pick’Em Challenge, you can predict the champion of each region with your voting coupon. If you purchase PCS 1 items, you can get up to six coupons. Also, you can have a chance to get one additional voting coupon for free while watching live broadcasts. You cannot vote for the same team twice, and you can only vote once for each team.

List of the PCS 1 items:

  • PCS 1 COMBAT SET + one voting coupon
  • PCS 1 CLOTHING SET + one voting coupon
  • PCS 1 – M16A4 + one voting coupon
  • PCS 1 – MK47 MUTANT + one voting coupon
  • PCS 1 – UMP45 + one voting coupon
  • PCS 1 emote + one voting coupon

If you win the game to predict the champions, you will get 100,000 EPs that can be used at the Esports Shop in each region. For example, if you successfully predict the champion of one region, you will be awarded 100,000 EPs, and if you predict the champion of all regions, you can get a total of 400,000 EPs.

2. Who is better?

We have one more game that allows players to acquire EPs by successfully predicting which team will finish with the higher rank.

This game can be played for free even if you don’t have voting coupons. You will get 2,000 EPs for each team if you win the game. For example, if you successfully predict the result of all rivals in one region, you will get 16,000 EPs. That said, if you win the game for every rival match in all regions, you can get a total of 64,000 EPs.

Pick’Em Challenge Event FAQ


Q. How can I obtain the voting coupon?

A. There are two ways you can obtain the voting coupon.

  • 1. Obtaining voting coupon by purchasing a PCS 1-themed skin (full list of the PCS 1 items can be found above)
    • One voting coupon is provided each time you purchase one of the below items released to celebrate PCS 1. You can acquire up to six voting coupons by purchasing all PCS 1 items.
  • 2. Obtaining voting coupon for free by watching the tournament
    • You can also get a voting coupon while watching PCS 1 live broadcasts. A certain code for a voting coupon will be displayed during the broadcast, and people who quickly type in the code on the ”ADD EVENT CODE” section of the Pick’Em Challenge event tab in-game will each receive a voting coupon on a first come-first served basis. You can only obtain one voting coupon per account through this event.

Q. Where can I vote?

A. Go to the Esports Tab > Pick’Em Challenge Event Tab in-game to cast a vote.

Q. Where can I see the status of voting coupons I own?

A. Go to the Esports Tab > Pick’Em Challenge Event Tab to see the status of the voting coupons you own.

Q. What happens if I get a refund after I have already voted?

A. Once you refund the item after you have already voted, the vote will be invalid.

Q. Is the number of voting coupons allowed different according to the PCS 1 item?

A. You will get one voting coupon per PCS 1 item. The maximum number of voting coupons that a player can get by purchasing an item is a total of 7 coupons, including one free voting coupon that is provided if you watch the tournament.

Q. What happens if I have the voting coupon, but the voting period has ended?

A. If the voting period has ended, you cannot vote anymore. The vote will disappear as soon as the voting period ends.

Q. Can I vote again for the same team?

A. You can only vote once for each team. If you have many voting coupons, you may vote for other teams as well.


Q. What do I get as a reward?

If you successfully predict the champion in the two types of Pick’Em Challenge games introduced above, you will earn the new Esports Points (EP). With the EPs obtained, you can obtain the final reward of the Pick’Em Challenge under PCS 1 at the Esports Shop.

Q. When do I get the Esports Points (EP)?

A. The EP is provided starting from July 6 after PCS 1 ends. You can use the points at the shops from July 6 until 6 p.m. on July 22 (KST). If you don’t get them, please contact Customer Support at for further inquiries.

Q. Will I continue to have the EPs even if I don’t use all of the points that I gained from this Pick’Em Challenge?

A. The EP you obtained from the Pick’Em Challenge under the PCS 1 will remain until July 22, 2020 and it will disappear after that.

Q. Can I trade the items that I purchased with EP at the Steam store?

A. The items purchased using EP can be traded at the Steam Community Market beginning at 3 p.m. (KST) on July 22, 2020.


Q. Can I trade PCS 1 items that I bought in the store?

A. You cannot trade PCS 1 items in the store.

Q. Where can I see the information on which teams are competing at PCS 1?

A. You can find information about teams, their players, real-time standings, etc. on the Esports tab in the PC in-game lobby.

Q. On which platform is the Pick’Em Challenge held?

A. This time, Pick’Em Challenge is held on PC and console. Please see above for the detailed schedule.

Update 7.3 – Now Live!

: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

Update 7.3 – Now Live!

Update 7.3 is now available on PC Live Servers and brings a variety of new changes to the Battlegrounds. Read the full patch notes here.[]

First up, C4 is a brand new tool in your siege arsenal. With a delayed timer and a powerful shockwave that can damage and kill enemies, even through walls and cover, C4 is the explosive you need to quickly make your enemies flee their fortified buildings and scatter into your sights.

Vehicle balance has gotten a big change as well. Damaged vehicles will now have a delay before they explode, giving you a short window to bail out before the boom. In addition, damage to most vehicles is now mitigated when not hitting vital areas.

Other changes include some improvements to Vikendi terrain and train lines, the return of the parachute follow feature, an increase in spike trap length, and the updated Esports tab, bringing you schedules and information for the upcoming PCS1 tournament and the return of the Pick’Em Challenge.

Update 7.3 is live now, so drop in and check out everything new!

Ranked Mode Rewards and Season Details

Hello players,

Our first Ranked Season has been an exciting time for us here and it’s great to see so many people enjoy this new way to play PUBG. With just about a month left to go in the inaugural season, it’s time to talk about next season’s schedule and of course, rewards.

Upcoming Ranked Season Schedule

Season 7 was our first official Ranked Season and, due to some last minute changes needed, it was a little shorter than we’d initially planned. Going forward, future seasons will begin with the start of each new season and end once servers go into maintenance to begin the next season.

  • Season 7 Ranked Mode will end once servers go into maintenance for Update 8.1.
  • Season 8 Ranked will begin as soon as Update 8.1 goes live.

Requirements for Earning Rewards

Performance based rewards go hand in hand with Ranked gameplay. Once the season ends, you will receive rewards excuse to players in that season, based on the highest tier you were able to achieve.

The first milestone comes from simply completing your ranked placement matches in any ranked queue and rewards you an emblem for your PUBG ID.

The bulk of the rewards are reserved for players who achieve at least the Gold V tier in any ranked queue and include special Season 7 Ranked skins.

How do I get my rewards?

All rewards you earned from Season 7 Ranked will be sent to your account automatically once the season ends. This may take a little time due to the volume of rewards being sent out, but we expect the vast majority of rewards to be delivered within a few days of the season ending.

Season 7 Ranked Mode Rewards

Now onto the good stuff! There are two different categories of rewards depending on what you were able to accomplish in Season 7.

Here is what you’ll earn:

Season 7 Tier Emblem

An emblem matching your highest Season 7 Ranked tier.The top 500 players in each region will be given a special TOP 500 emblem to commemorate their outstanding achievement.

Exclusive Season 7 Skins

Players who reach Gold V tier or higher will be granted the Season 7 Ranked Motorcycle and Parachute skins!

One small update, we’d previously announced Nameplate rewards for your PUBG ID as well, but have now decided to excluded them from seasonal rewards.

We’ve made the decision to to overhaul the PUBG ID system to be more attractive and useful for players both in the menus and on the Battlegrounds. This will affect how nameplates work, so we’re removing them from the rewards list for now.

Season 7 Ranked is quickly coming to an end, but there’s still plenty of time to grind out that RP and secure your rewards before we kick off Season 8.

Happy hunting and see you on the Battlegrounds!

– The PUBG Dev Team

PCS 1 – Participating teams, schedule, and more

Hello PUBG Esports fans!

The PUBG Continental Series 1 (PCS1) begins next week! With Qualifiers over and the Charity Showdowns complete, all four regions are ready to rumble in the PCS1!

PCS1 will be held across four regions from June 25 to July 5, including:

  • Asia Pacific (APAC) – Indonesia, Oceania, Philippines, Thailand, and Vietnam
  • Asia – China, Chinese Taipei, Japan, and Korea
  • North America
  • Europe

While the total combined prize pool for these regional tournaments is $800,000, each tournament will have a prize pool of $200,000. Plus, 25% of all PCS1 sales items profits will be applied to the additional prize pool.

The PCS1 prize pool consists of:

  • $200,000 prize pool for each region.
  • 25% of PCS1 item profits sales will be distributed back to pro teams across the four regions: 12.5% of the profits will be added to each of the regional prize pools, and 12.5% will be distributed equally amongst the participating teams.

Here are your PCS1 Finalists across all four regions!


PCS 1 APAC Schedule

Week 1: June 25, 27 @ 5pm ICT / 3am PDT / 12pm CEST / 7pm KST
Week 2: July 2, 4 @ 5pm ICT / 3am PDT / 12pm CEST / 7pm KST

PCS 1 APAC Participating Teams


Eagle 365, Victim Rise


Athletico, Carnage Esports, FURY


Bahamut Gaming


Buriram United Esports, Daytrade Gaming, Golden Cat, MSC THEERATHON, QConfirm


Cerberus Esports, DIC Gaming, Divine Esports, Gearbox, Maoggy Esports

For more details of the event, please check out each regional official PUBG channel.


PCS 1 ASIA Schedule

Week 1: June 26, 28 @ 7pm KST / 5pm ICT / 3am PDT / 12pm CEST
Week 2: July 3, 5 @ 7pm KST / 5pm ICT / 3am PDT / 12pm CEST

PCS 1 ASIA Participating Teams


Four Angry Men, Infantry, Luminous Stars Gaming, LYG Gaming, RushB Gaming, Tianba

Chinese Taipei

Global Esports Xsset, Team Curson


Crest Gaming Xanadu, ELEMENT.36


Element Mystic, Gen.G, Griffin, OGN Entus, Team Quadro, VSG

For more details of the event, please check out each regional official PUBG channel.



Week 1: June 25, 26 @ 4pm PDT / June 26, 27 @ 1am CEST / 8am KST / 6am ICT
Week 2: July 2, 3 @ 4pm PDT / July 3, 4 @ 1am CEST / 8am KST / 6am ICT

PCS 1 NORTH AMERICA Participating Teams

303 Esports, Any Trolls in Chat, Comets, Elus1ve, Exodus, Fabled, Houston Hardshifts, Illusion, Liberate, Oath Gaming, Radiance, Shoot To Kill, Soniqs, Tactical 8, Wildcard Gaming, Zenith Esports

For more details, please check out[]


PCS 1 EUROPE Schedule

Week 1: June 27, 28 @ 6pm CEST / 11pm ICT / 9am PDT / June 28, 29 @ 1am KST
Week 2: July 4, 5 @ 6pm CEST / 11pm ICT / 9am PDT / July 5, 6 @ 1am KST

PCS 1 EUROPE Participating Teams

Invited Teams

ENCE, FaZe Clan, Natus Vincere, Northern Lights, Omaken Sports, Team Liquid, Tempus, Tornado Energy, TSM

EU East

The Nuclear Penguins, Unity

EU West

Gamefraym, Redline, With Potential

The Middle East & Africa

Blaze Esports, Istanbul Wild Cats

For more details, please check out[]

Mark your calendars and don’t miss out on the biggest and best PUBG pro teams battling for the crown!

Team Fortress 2 Update Released

An update to Team Fortress 2 has been released. The update will be applied automatically when you restart Team Fortress 2. The major changes include:

  • Restricted certain new accounts from using chat in official matchmaking modes
    • Work is ongoing to mitigate the use of new and free accounts for abusive purposes
  • Added “Enable text chat” and “Enable voice chat” options to the top of the Advanced Options dialog to disable in-game text and voice chat
  • Updated the Report Player dialog to include more details so players can make informed decisions about who they’re reporting
  • Fixed getting the “Incoming message…” quest HUD notification when you’ve already completed all available quests
  • Fixed the OnDestroyed output not getting fired when an object is destroyed by the Red-Tape Recorder
  • Updated The Telefragger Toque to fix swapped materials
  • Updated The TF2VRH headset to include on/off styles
  • Updated the PASS Time Federation medals to fix issues with them not drawing correctly
  • Updated/Added some tournament medals
  • Updated the localization files

Eminence of Ristul — Queen of Pain Arcana

After so long exploring the playground of the mortal realm, Akasha returns now to the dangerous Court of Ristul, where fiendish new plans are set to begin. Celebrate her rise to power with the all-new Eminence of Ristul Arcana bundle, available now in The International Battle Pass.

This Arcana bundle includes a new model and base items, new animations, custom Sonic Wave and Blink, custom deny effect, ambient effects, a special whip melee attack animation for targets in close range, a Sonic Wave pain meter, and over 500 new Arcana-exclusive voice lines. Torment 1000 heroes with Sonic Wave in your victories to unlock the Royal Decree alternate style.

Make way for your queen over at the Eminence of Ristul update page.

Enemy Spotted

Since CS:GO’s release in 2012, some of the most common feedback we’ve received has been about the challenge of spotting characters in the world. Because every map in the game features significant variety of lighting and detail, even characters designed to read well in a map might get lost when viewed from a particular angle in a particular location.

We’ll continue to address feedback about specific problem spots by making adjustments to maps, but today we’re also shipping several new improvements to the way characters are rendered.

Boosting Player Contrast

To improve character read across all maps and locations, we’ve added a new graphics setting called ‘Boost Player Contrast’ which is enabled by default. It’s a special post process filter that applies to stationary characters, creating local contrast so that characters stand out from the background.

This is now enabled by default and you can find the new setting in Video->Advanced Video->‘Boost Player Contrast’.

Here’s what it does:
— Increases the character’s contrast against the background at far distances.
— Strengthens edge pixels for characters at far distances.
— Creates a small blur around a character to reduce background noise.
— Creates a small contrasting halo around a character when there is no color difference between the character and the environment.

In addition to the changes above, we modified the textures of some character models (and custom-authored the coarse mipmap levels in some cases), and adjusted fog.

In CS:GO, fog is applied separately to characters and the rest of the world. To help characters stand out from the background at longer distances, we’ve decreased the fogging on characters across all maps (and slightly increased the world fog in Dust 2).

Map changes

In addition to the ‘Boost Player Contrast’ setting, we’re continuing to improve visibility by changing specific areas of maps.

A Closer Read

Jump into a server and see how the characters look!

Today’s update should improve character read in most cases, but we know that there’s more to be done. If you identify specific situations where you think the new tools aren’t helping you, please contact us at [email protected] using the subject line “Agent Read”. Include an explanation of what happened and a link to a screenshot.

Update 7.3 – Soon on the Test Server

Update 7.3 is hitting the Test Servers on June 10.
Live servers on June 17.

For changes this update, we focused on some survivability improvements to vehicles, a new explosive tool on the Battlegrounds, some quality of life improvements when parachuting and more!

The full patch notes are below, so let’s get right into it.

Season 7 Vehicle Balance

Vehicles are crucial tools on the Battlegrounds, and for a while now there’s been some frustration around dying instantly when your vehicle explodes. This patch seeks to add some more realistic survivability to how vehicles take damage and gives players a small window to bail out before the final explosion takes place.

Explosion Mechanic Changes

  • Vehicles no longer explode instantly upon reaching 0 HP. Instead, engines are now disabled and set on fire, causing the vehicle to explode after 5 seconds
  • Vehicles can still explode instantly if taking large radial damage, like from Red Zones, C4 etc.
  • Exploding vehicles now receive both linear and angular velocity, instead of only linear (vehicle movement after exploding should look a bit less static now)
  • Additionally, vehicles will no longer receive increased collision damage when they’re rolled over

Vehicle Damage Changes

  • Most vehicles now have multiple damage zones which apply different damage multipliers
    • Applies to the following vehicles: Buggy, Dacia, UAZ, Mirado, Pickup, Rony and Zima
      • All other vehicles receive damage as before, equally regardless of area hit
  • Damage zones:
    • Engine – 100% Damage
      • Engine area, usually located at the front
    • Body – 75% Damage
      • Front and rear doors, rear and bottom sides of body
    • Roof – 50% Damage
      • Roof panel, roof pillars, seats, mirrors

  • Boat Armor Upgrade
    • Boats are now granted 5 static damage reduction

New Throwable: C4

C4 is an interesting and powerful new tool that gives players new ways to strategically flush out timid opponents. With a massive 25 meter effective radius and damage that can penetrate cover, you’ll be wanting to run away when you hear this beeping brick of boom. A quick note about C4, we don’t intend this to be just another throwable. It has a pretty short range, but can be used to cut off enemy entry into a building or new zone, or as mentioned above can force enemies out of their safe positions.

  • C4 will start beeping and automatically detonate 16 seconds after being thrown
    • Detonation cannot be stopped or activated early
    • There is a warning LED on the C4 and audible beeping with increasing intensity, clearly audible inside the damage radius which warns you of the upcoming explosion
  • C4 sticks to most surfaces, including vehicles
    • It doesn’t stick to players
  • Effective damage radius is 25 metres, with a lethal damage radius of 15 meters
    • Damage extends vertically, but with slightly less range (lethal radius of 12.5 meters vertically)
    • The shockwave emitted from the explosion is so powerful it damages all enemies within its radius, even if they’re behind cover
  • Due to the weight of the C4 you can’t throw it far and you can’t carry many
  • Found as world loot and in Care Packages on Erangel, Miramar, Vikendi and Sanhok
    • C4 will be added to Training Mode at a later date

Good luck and try not to blow yourself up!

Spike Trap

Spike traps aren’t quite as effective as we hoped, so we’re increasing their length by 50% to make those trapped choke points more difficult to get around.

  • Spike Trap length increased by 50%

Vikendi Loot Balance

  • Increased DMR spawns slightly
Parachute Follow Feature

Added parachute follow to help teammates land together.
This feature was temporarily removed after its addition in Update 6.2 due to some technical issues which have now been resolved.

  • During the pre-match countdown, follow UI will be shown at the bottom left of the screen
  • Open the map to select a teammate to follow
  • You can still select a teammate to follow up until exiting the plane
  • After selecting a teammate to follow, you can cancel on the map screen, or also by holding F while in the plane, or while actively following a player in your parachute
  • If you’re obstructed by terrain or an object, your follow will be cancelled
  • A new icon has been added to better highlight the “Disable Follow” option
Esports Tab

The new menu will include an overview, standings, and the next Pick’Em Challenge. The menu will be available through July, so be sure to stop back often to check out what’s happening with PCS1 and PUBG Esports!

Menu Breakdown

  • Overview: An Introduction to PCS1 and the Pick’Em challenge, along with match schedule for the event
  • Teams: All participating teams and their players can be found here, including individual player stats updated daily. Click regions and teams for more info
  • Standings: Up to date standings with a per region breakdown (APAC, Asia, North America, and Europe)
  • Pick’Em Challenge: Event page for the PCS Pick’Em Challenge where you can vote on who you think will take home the event victory. All details can be found here on how to participate for a chance to unlock exclusive rewards. We’ll also be sharing a separate announcement with more details before this goes live

Want more info? Read the PCS event announcement here.[]
Stay tuned for another announcement on everything you need to know about the Pick’Em Challenge.

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Train System Improvement

We’re glad so many of you are enjoying the updated Vikendi!

To help put more focus on the train system, we’ve added another line, additional stops, and some visual and audio improvements to let you know when your trains arrive and depart. We’ve added some more DMRs and some scenery changes to end out the season as well.

Train Line Adjustments

  • Added new train line
    • Towards the center of the map, we’ve added another train line spanning vertically to help better connect the whole system and make it easier to move across the map
  • Improvements to existing lines
    • We’ve put a bigger focus on longer routes, lengthening existing train lines which should help players travel a substantial distance, without having to change trains multiple times

  • Stations and signals
    • Trains will now move through two stations before changing direction, to give you some more time to catch up and jump on
    • New flashing traffic lights and unique arrival and departure sounds will now alert you to arriving and departing trains

Additional Cover

  • Added more tree and rock cover in towns and regions where it was lacking


  • Artificial geysers have been added to Dinoland

Loot Balance

  • Increased DMR spawns slightly on Vikendi
  • Network debug stats have been moved slightly
  • System pop-up message has been improved to display much more smoothly
  • Tommy Gun icon has been updated to more accurately represent the weapon
  • Changed logos for the 6x Scope and Shotgun Chokes

Network Statistics Data

  • A new Network Statistics Data Collection option has been added to help troubleshoot certain network issues and send relevant data back to PUBG
    • This is DISABLED by default
  • Reduced instances of FPS hitching/stuttering which could occur when first opening your inventory in-game
Survivor Pass: Cold Front

We’re nearing the end of Survivor Pass: Cold Front, so complete those missions, unlock rewards and spend your remaining your coupons.

  • The third season mission track is now available
  • Survival Pass: Cold Front ends July 15th 0200 UTC
    • After this, Premium Pass purchases won’t be available and you won’t be able to activate level up coupons
  • Grace period
    • From July 15th 0200 ~ before the July 22nd maintenance, players will be able to claim unclaimed rewards in the results page
    • The Coupon Store is available until the grace period ends, with any remaining coupons
  • Coupon store
    • Coupons can be spend in the coupon shop until July 22nd maintenance
    • Unused coupons will NOT be available after July 22nd maintenance
Ranked Mode

There are lot of questions when the Ranked season end and what rewards are available. We’ll be sharing more details on rewards closer towards the end of the season.

  • The current Ranked season will end with maintenance on July 22nd, with a new season commencing immediately after completion of maintenance
    • A timer will appear on the Ranked lobby screen one week prior to season end, so you can quickly see how much time is left
  • Ranked Rewards
    • Ranked Season 7 rewards will be given out the first time a player logs in to the game after Season 8 is live
    • Ranked Season 7 rewards are determined by the highest Rank Tier a player is holding at the end of Season 7 in either queue
    • Players who are on the Top 500 Leaderboards at the end of the season will receive bonus rewards
  • To clarify some confusion due to some ruleset info not being included in Update 7.2 patch notes, we’d like to let you know that the M249, DBS and Spike Trap intentionally do not spawn in Ranked Mode.
Custom Match

Observing UI improvement

  • Auto (combat) spectate system (Ctrl + Z)
    • Use the hotkey to spectate players combat scenes by priority. This cannot be used when in freecam or follow cam
  • Switch to attacker’s perspective (Ctrl + X)
    • Can be used while using the auto spectate system
    • Switches to the most recent attacker who has attacked the player being observed
    • Cannot be activated while using Freecam or Follow Cam
  • New item visual effects
    • Observing a player who uses a throwable or healing item now displays a new visual effect
  • Increased team color visibility
    • Team color UI visibility improved
      • Team colors may seem slightly darker than before, with the added shadow

Custom Match List Overhaul

  • The custom match list page now displays matches of all game modes on one page
Skins & Items

New items

  • Swimsuits #1
    • CHECKERED SUMMER SET (Including Victory dance 20 emote)
    • Summer Bikini (Black)
  • Swimsuits #2
  • PCS1 2020
    • Weapon Skin – 3 Items
    • Emote – 1 Item
  • Emotes
    • Use Your Brain
    • Rev It Up
    • Victory Dance 17
    • Victory Dance 18
  • Sales period
    • Swimsuits #1 : 7/1 – 8/26
    • Swimsuits #2 : 7/15 – 8/26
    • Esports PCS#1 : 6/17 – 7/2
    • Emotes – 4 items : 20/6/24
Bug Fixes


  • Fixing an issue where the mouse cursor would stay onscreen while playing War Mode
  • Fixed an issue where sometimes weapons would clip through a player’s back while they were a passenger in a vehicle
  • Fixed the issue with boat/aquarail heaving awkwardly when hit by a throwable.
  • Fixed an issue which prevented leaning/peeking from working while crouched and using consumables
  • Fixed an issue where the appearance of AR and DMR compensators were swapped when attached to the MK14/SKS


  • Fixed an issue which displayed the wrong system message when declining a party invite
  • Fixed an issue with the Parachute Follow feature and the interaction UI not displaying a player’s correct keybinds in certain situations
  • Fixed a localization issue with the Mirado in the Last Match tab
  • Fixed the abnormal system message in certain language option.

Skins & Items

  • Fixed a visual issue with PGI Title Wraps
  • Fixed the issue with character’s finger displayed abnormally when equipping ‘The Chain’ skin in character customization screen.
  • Fixed an issue where the camera was not locked in place on the preview screen for weapon skins, or item crates
  • Fixed a visual issue with High Waisted Shorts

Replay System

  • Fixed an issue with incorrect team color/patterns displayed in replays
  • Fixed the issue where buildings destroyed by the Black Zone on Karakin weren’t marked as destroyed when moving through replay timelines

The replay system has been updated. Replay files from previous updates are now unavailable for use.

Dota 2 Update – June 6th 2020

This update adds an option to allow players who preferred using the Sideshop to continue doing so. With the new option enabled, you will be able to use recycling to earn gold instead of the current mechanic. The option can be toggled on and off depending on your recycling preference at any time. Furthermore, gold will be provided once again through Guilds and Gauntlets.

We recognize that some players may have already spent their gold and consumed their gems since our update Thursday. We will be restoring everyone’s gold to the value it was before the update. We will also restore any spent gems since then. Any items redeemed through the store will still remain in player’s inventories.

Regarding the state of the bench, we know some players would want it reverted while others wouldn’t so we added a new button in the Sideshop to let you choose before taking any actions.