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Grand Theft Auto Online: Los Santos Summer Special

Los Santos, the city that has it all, gets an extra dose of summer fun in the latest update to GTA Online, bringing with it a host of new activities for magnates, gearheads, and everyone in between.

15 New Vehicles
Including two new Open Wheel cars, the gas guzzling Dundreary Landstalker XL, the futuristic Lampadati Tigon supercar from Legendary Motorsport, newly available upgrades at Benny’s Original Motor Works and more.

6 New Co-Op Missions
Galaxy Superyacht owners can host six new co-op missions ready to launch from the bridge of their vessel, or by simply calling the captain from their iFruit Phone. Play solo or invite an Organization for backup as you embark on nautical vengeance.

New Open Wheel Cars, Tracks and Race Creator
There are two new Open Wheel racecars and a new Open Wheel Race Series with nine fresh tracks to leave your skid marks on. With the new Open Wheel Race Creator, adrenaline junkies can now design and craft their own hi-octane experiences.

All New Business Battles
New competitions are taking place at various locations across the map and carrying massively increased rewards. Bring your squad to maximize your return on investment.

Diamond Adversary Series
Casing and robbing the joint is fun, but sometimes you need to scratch that competitive itch. The Diamond Adversary Series brings high-stakes modes to the glitzy, glamorous confines of The Diamond Casino & Resort.

Plus, new Arcade Cabinets, hundreds of new clothing items, and more.

Update 8.2 – Patch Notes

: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

Update 8.2 – Patch Notes

We’re bringing some new toys to the Battlegrounds in update 8.2, along with some visual improvements to a few weapons, a nostalgia hit in the main menu, and more!

Update 8.2 is planned to hit the Test Server on August 12, before coming to live servers on August 19 KST.

New Weapon: MG3

The latest weapon available in Battlegrounds Care Packages is the fast firing MG3 Light Machine Gun. With two different rates of fire, a bipod for stability, tracer rounds to help you keep track of your spray, and increased weapon damage to vehicles, theres a new reason to fight over the big red box.

  • Spawns in Care Packages on all maps, in Normal Matches only
    • Not currently available in Ranked Matches
  • The MG3 has two firing modes which change the fire rate between 660 rpm and 990 rpm
  • Chambered for 7.62mm, holds 75 rounds and has a muzzle velocity of 820 m/s
  • 1.25x damage multiplier when shooting vehicles
  • Tracer rounds are fired every 5th round, as well as for the final 10 bullets of each magazine, letting you know that ammo is running low.
    • Tracer rounds can only be seen by the shooter
  • Supports optical attachments up to the 6x Scope
  • The MG3 has an attached bipod, deploying automatically when prone to greatly improve weapon stability
New Throwable: Decoy Grenade

Disorient your enemies and cover your movements with the new Decoy Grenade. Available as world loot on Sanhok, the Decoy Grenade will make fake firing sounds for about 10 seconds after thrown, giving you a few moments to make your move.

The Decoy Grenade is a new throwable which mimics gunshot sounds. Purposely made to be used as a tactical item to distract and outwit your opponents.

  • Available only on Sanhok in Normal Matches, as a rare world spawn item
    • Not available in Ranked Mode
  • Decoy grenades can be cooked to reduce their detonation time out of the hand and are thrown just like other grenades
    • Upon detonation, Decoy Grenades emit gunshot sounds for 10 seconds and eject shell casings to add to the guise of real gunfire
  • Beware, they’re not waterproof! Dropping one into water will disable its effects
  • Decoy Grenades don’t currently spawn in Training Mode

Weapon Remodel and Retexture

M416, SKS and Kar98k has been remodeled from scratch to improve their visual quality. Along with their visual update, weapon sounds of these weapons has been overhauled.

Care Package Updates

  • C4 has been added to Care Packages on all maps, except Karakin
  • MG3 has been added to Care Packages on all maps
    • The C4 and MG3 are not available in Ranked Mode

LMG (Light Machine Gun) Balance Adjustment

  • Vehicle damage multipliers have been added to LMGs.
    • MG3: x 1.25
    • DP28 : 1.15x
    • M249: 1.10x
  • Camera shake when firing LMGs while prone has been reduced
    • There has been no changes made to the weapon recoil. However, players may feel the weapon is more stable due to reduced camera shake.

Erangel Docks

  • Four docks have been added to Erangel
    • Two docks have been added to existing wharves, one at Novorepnoye and the other at Ferry Pier
    • The southern beaches of the Erangel mainland and Sosnovka Island have also had docks added
Quality of Life Improvements

Throwables Wheel Menu Improvements

The Throwables Wheel has been updated to better facilitate multiple recent additions to the PUBG throwable arsenal.

  • The wheel now has 6 slots and allows access to all throwables
    • 4 slots are permanent locations for the most common throwables; Frag Grenade, Molotov Cocktail, Smoke Grenade and Stun Grenade
    • 2 slots are dynamic. The dynamic slot on the right side holds either Sticky bomb or C4 and the one on the left can hold either Decoy grenade or Spike Trap
      • If your inventory has both the Sticky Bomb and C4, the wheel will prioritize the Sticky Bomb. With Decoy grenade and Spike Trap, the Decoy grenade takes priority
      • If you have a Sticky Bomb or Decoy equipped in your throwables slot, the dynamic slot on the wheel will display the other corresponding item, C4 or Spike Trap

Helmet Hide Function

Sometimes you just want to look good for YOU. For those moments, you can now toggle off your helmet to maintain your default costume pieces, even after you protect your noggin with a fine Level 3 helmet. This functionality is purely cosmetic, and other players will still see you with a helmet on, but you’ll at least get the satisfaction of enjoying your chicken dinner in full Alex the Dinosaur costume glory.

  • When Helmet Hide is enabled, your hoodie, hat or other head covering will remain visible even when wearing a helmet.
    • To all other players, you’ll still be seen wearing, equipping and otherwise interacting with your helmet.
    • This is a local visual change, only showing for players who enable it.
  • Helmet Hide is disabled by default. You can enable it in the Settings, or by clicking the option in the Inventory.
  • Equipable slots for Head and Helmet are now separated.
    • Equipping a helmet now won’t automatically drop your hat, or other cosmetic item in the head slot.

The Following performance improvements have been made:

  • Improved font loading process to reduce game stuttering/hitching
  • Optimized the process for loading character data to reduce instances of stuttering/hitching and ensure a more stable framerate
  • The item table is now preloaded on the client backend which results in items loading quicker
  • Refactored the onscreen Key Guide widget to reduce potential instances of stuttering/hitching
  • Improved the game from hitching when loading a character on the inventory screen
Esports Tab – PCS 2

The Esports Tab has been updated to include PCS2 information and the next Pick em challenge!

When the challenge unlocks, you can head over and make your predictions just like before. Grab as many points as you can and pick up some of the great new PCS2 items! The Esports Tab will be available until September 23rd!

Menu Breakdown

  • Overview page will now feature a total of 4 pages.
    • 1st page
      • An introduction to PCS 2 and thumbnail image which when clicked will redirect you to the live stream and event information.
      • Now each day with a match on a schedule will be highlighted.
    • 2nd page
      • Introduction to the Pick’em challenge. Here, you will be able to learn how to participate and preview rewards.
    • 3rd, 4th page
      • PCS Focus which features certain players who successfully advanced to PCS 2 from each region (APAC/ASIA, EUROPE/NORTH)
      • A player who has recorded the best PCS 1 PEPS+ stats from the region
      • A player who has recorded the most kills in PCS 2 preliminary
      • A player who has been selected as a dark horse


  • All participating teams and their players (including team’s reserved players!) can be found here.
  • Under the team name, the title of the preliminary where that team went through and their final placement is displayed.
  • Weekly team stats will be updated weekly.
    • Up to date standings with a per region breakdown (APAC, Asia, North America, and Europe)
    • Until the start of the event, countdown to the very first match of each region is displayed.
    • Event page for the PCS2 Pick’Em Challenge where you can vote on who you think will take home the event victory.
    • All details can be found here on how to participate for a chance to unlock exclusive rewards. We’ll also be sharing a separate announcement with more details before this goes live

Want more info? Read the PCS 2 event announcement here[].
Stay tuned for another announcement on everything you need to know about the Pick’Em Challenge.

For everything PUBG Esports, head over to, or hit the PCS2 logo in the esports tab for an easy shortcut when you’re in-game.

UI/UX & Menus

Background Music Selection

Players looking for a bit of nostalgia when they log in can now choose their lobby music! We’ve added a selection of themes dating from all the way back to Early Access for you to choose from. After all, there’s no better way to get hyped for the Battlegrounds than by rocking your favorite tunes!

Select your Background Music under Settings.

  • Previously used background music is now available for selection
    • Each Season, BGM is reset to default
  • Ranked Mode and the Esports tab will feature their own exclusive BGM which cannot be changed

Match History

  • New Match History section has been added to the Career tab
  • You can view your most recent 20 matches
    • Review match records from both Normal and Ranked matches
    • Records over 30 days old cannot be viewed in detail
  • Leaving a match early or disconnecting due to an error will prevent that match from being recorded in your Match History

New Loading Screen and Guide for Training Mode

  • New splash art and text has been added to the loading screen
  • Additional informational text has been added to the minimap

In-game UI Improvements

  • Unified the style and location of round buttons to improve the visual experience
  • Improved irregular title locations on some screens
  • Design of badges, tags, wide pop-up screens and drop-down menus has been improved

Emote Settings Improvement

  • Now you can double click to equip/unequip an emote from your emote list.
  • Drag & drop emotes in the emote wheel to change slots or unequip emotes.

Improved System messages

  • Improved system messages displayed in case of server maintenance, server overload, external provider authentication failure etc to be more clear.

Store UI Update

  • When bonus items are included in sets, they are now displayed in the Bonus Gift section of the item preview screen.
  • Now all set items are displayed on the character while previewing an emote.

Friends List Rework

  • The friends list has undergone a visual and functional rework
    • More detailed status friend statuses are now displayed, such as ‘On your team’
    • Friends tab now displays the last online state of an offline player on your friends list
    • Information on when you last played with someone on your recent tab is now displayed
  • Invite
    • Now players can invite a player already in a team
    • Accepting this invite will make the player move from the existing team to the new team.
  • Follow friends renamed to add/remove friends
Custom Matches

Team Deathmatch is now available in Custom Matches

  • Now you can enjoy TDM in custom matches

New system message for Custom Matches

  • A new message has been added for when players are kicked by match observers
    • This is to clearly distinguish messages in situations where a player has been kicked by the host, versus being kicked for cheating or another Rules of Conduct offence

Replay System

  • The replay system has been updated. Replay files from previous updates are now unable to be used
Skin & Items

New Items

  • Night on the Town
    • Sets
      • NIGHTCLUB DRESS SET (+ Victory Dance 23 emote)
      • BOW TIE AND SUSPENDERS SET (+ Bundle of Hearts emote)
  • Individual items
    • Nightclub Dress (White)
    • Nightclub Stockings
    • Bow Tie and Suspenders Suit
    • Shiny Shoes and Socks

PCS Item sets (8 sets – Each comes with 1 voting coupon)

  • PCS2 S12K BOX

Metal Plated M416 Skins

  • Gold and Silver Plate M416 skins are returning to the store!
    Over the years, we’ve released dozens of skins on the PUBG store, only to have them never show up again after the initial sale. Some players have been asking for another chance at some of these skins, so after some thought, we’ve decided to bring a couple items back to the store. We’re starting off with the Gold and Silver Plate M416 skins from quite a while back and will consider additional skins in the future if these go over well.

We hope this gives our new players, and those of you who missed out the first time, another chance!

    • Gold Plate – M416
    • Silver Plate – M416

Sales Schedule

  • Night on the Town sets : After the August 19th live server maintenance ~ Until September 16th liver server maintenance
  • PCS 2: After the August 19th live server maintenance ~  September 8th 1700 (KST)
  • Metal Plated M416s: After the September 2nd weekly maintenance (Planned) ~ September 30th 1100 (KST)
Bug Fixes


  • Now players are able to attach Charms to Sanhok 4 weapons
  • Fixed the issue where you could turn the character in the lobby by following certain steps
  • Fixed an inventory issue which could occur during TDM matches
  • Fixed the yellowish tint in the Season 8 menu lobby
  • Fixed the issue where players sometimes couldn’t complete the following mission ‘Survive 15 minutes without taking any damage from the Blue Zone’
  • Fixed the issue where sounds are not played along with the game hitching during TDM gameplay
  • Fixed the issue where you couldn’t rotate the character in the customize -> emote menu
  • Fixed an issue where the direction of UI arrows froze regardless of player orientation
  • Fixed the issue where bots could spawn with DP-28s on Vikendi
  • Fixed optics resetting to default when reconnecting to the game
  • Fixed the bug where players would dive straight down when exiting the plane
  • Fixed animation for when characters who were on fire held a Panzerfaust
  • Fixed the grenade pin clipping through characters finger in FPP
  • Fixed the issue where players were able to see behind foliage when moving their camera in certain angles
  • Fixed an issue where the bullets in a Kar98 could appear outside the chamber while reloading
  • Fixed an issue where specific female hairstyles could appear incorrect while holding a Spike Trap
  • Fixed an issue where Gas Cans would disappear from a character’s hands if that character was on fire
  • Fixed an issue with the Kar98 where the weapon cartridge could appear behind the character while reloading
  • Fixed an issue where the backpack would move on a character’s back if they rotated while in the sidecar of a bike
  • Fixed an issue where the fall animation could appear incorrect if the character was holding C4
  • Improved the animation for moving from ready to throw a melee weapon to unequipping the melee weapon
  • Fixed the animation for switching to any weapon from the Panzerfaust while in the prone position
  • Fixed the positioning of scopes when aiming backwards while on a bike
  • Improved the animation for discarding a Panzerfaust after use
  • Improved the animation for swimming backwards while rising to the surface
  • Fixed an issue where the character’s lips could appear incorrect while readying a melee weapon for throwing
  • Fixed an issue where in FPP with the R1895 equipped the character’s wrists could appear incorrect while using free look


  • Fixed Loot truck roaming around the same location near the bridge south of Camp Alpha
  • Fixed the issue where players could clip through an object and die by falling in a certain location on Erangel
  • Fixed characters shaking up and down when standing on a certain rock on Erangel
  • Fixed an oil barrel floating in the air above a bridge on Erangel
  • Fixed the awkward looking cliff texture at the north of Stabler on Erangel
  • Fixed the issue where a player was not able to move past a particular building’s railing
  • Fixed the issue where players could vault over a ceiling in certain underground locations on Karakin


  • Fixed the issue where the text ‘Motor glider’ was displayed as a system string on the Last Match screen
  • Fixed the issue where esports vehicles added to Ranked Mode displayed a system string on the Last Match screen
  • Fixed the issue where the inventory scroll bar would not return to default location
  • Fixed the issue where some rewards were not being displayed in the rewards pop-up screen when using receive all button
  • Fixed the issue where ESC button was activated twice when pressed in the item purchase screen
  • Fixed the issue where APAC, ASIA region title still being displayed in English in Traditional Chinese language option
  • Fixed the UI overlaps on the profile screen
  • Fixed the issue where some buttons displayed in white when overlapped with a mouse cursor
  • Fixed the issue of the timeline UI not displayed correctly
  • Fixed some visual errors on the PUBG ID screen
  • Fixed an issue when attempting to switch throwables after removing safety pin which caused the following error  “Inventory system error: 3”
  • Fixed an issue where explosive damage done to wheels would not update the vehicle UI

Skin & Items

  • Fixed the issue where character’s body would become transparent with certain face skins in Zombie Mode
  • Fixed the issue where character’s legs would become transparent when equipping the Miramar Biker Jacket
  • Fixed the issue where the in-game inventory icon didn’t display when equipping ‘Rapture Squad Tactical Pants’
  • Fixed the clipping issue when female characters equipped ‘TUANTUAN’s Tank Top’
  • Fixed the clipping issue when a female character equips ‘Route Warrior Gloves’ and gets on motorcycle with a weapon


  • Fixed the export button of the replay having wrong color and highlight effect not displaying
  • Fixed the player UI coordinates mismatching in certain cases during replays

On the Case

Today’s update includes some networking improvements, updates to Swamp, Mutiny, and Anubis, and an all new weapon case!

The Fracture Collection

Introducing the Fracture Collection, featuring designs from over 17 different community artists, and including the Shattered Web Knives as rare special items!

Patch Notes – FREE S10 Adventurer Pass, Gunplay Changes (Aug.6.2020)

Dear Adventurers,

Welcome to the latest official patch notes for Ring of Elysium. Here are the full details:

Pinnacle Challenges
  • Pinnacle Challenges are back! Reward includes a FREE Season 10 Adventurer Pass, as well as E-Points, experience points, and an exclusive portrait!

  • Re-added green reticle styles for the red dot and holographic, and adjusted the default style

Breath Hold
  • Players are no longer able to hold breath while using gliders and vehicles
  • Entering ADS while holding down “Shift” to sprint will no longer automatically hold breath. Players will need to release Shift and press it again to hold breath

  • Optimized third-party weapon muzzle flash effects
  • Optimized the screen-shake effect in certain cases
  • Optimized the FPP elimination animation

  • Audio setting “Enable HRTF” is now turned on by default

Thanks for playing,

PCS Update: Upcoming PCS2 and the PCS3 that will keep the excitement going

Hello PUBG Esports fans,

Today, we are excited to share additional details about the upcoming PCS2 event and reveal our new plan to hold a third tournament, PCS3, that will keep the excitement of PUBG Esports rolling through the rest of the year.

PCS2 – Increased tension and fun with more matches

Scheduled to be held in August, we’ve made the decision to extend the tournament period for PSC2 and increase the total number of matches. PUBG Esports fans will get 24 matches per region played over three weeks in order to maximize the thrill of competition.

  • PCS2 Tournament Period
    • Asia: August 27–28, September 3-4, September 8-9
    • North America: August 27–28, September 3-4, September 10-11
    • Asia-Pacific: August 29-30, September 5-6, September 12-13
    • Europe: August 29-30, September 5-6, September 12-13
  • Total Matches
    • 24 matches in total per region (4 matches per day)

With the extended period and more matches, we can’t wait to see what kind of new strategies and adjustments the world’s top PUBG teams will bring to PCS2!

The Pick’em Challenge event, which gives fans a chance to benefit directly from the livestream action, is expanding as well to run over the course of the three week event.

  • Sale period of the PCS2 items and the Pick’em Challenge event period
    • PC: After the server maintenance on August 19 ~ Until 6 p.m. on September 8
    • Console: After the server maintenance on August 27 ~ Until 6 p.m. on September 8

We will offer more diverse Pick‘Em items for PCS2. In case you want to know more, here’s a sneak peek at some of the sales and reward items that will be available for PCS2!

You can see these must-have items in the game beginning August 19 (August 27 for console) when the Pick’em Challenge event starts.

PCS3 will keep the excitement of PUBG Esports going

We want to continue to give back to PUBG Esports fans, provide the opportunity for players and teams to play on a global stage, and ensure the sustainability of the PUBG Esports system. So, PUBG is making plans to hold a PUBG Continental Series 3 (PCS3) event in November. Stay tuned for more information about PCS3, as we put the finishing touches on the event plan.

Despite these difficult times, we will continue to hold fun and exciting esports tournaments in support of our fans, players and partners. In addition to the two upcoming PCS events, we are also putting lots of thought and effort into global tournaments, which are considered the finale and the essence of PUBG esports for everyone to enjoy every year. We hope that you will continue to support us in our future events.

Thank you.

Dota 2 – Aghanim’s Labyrinth Update – July 30, 2020

– The next of Aghanim’s Trials will be set to Grand Magus ascension level
– Fixed a bug where passives would sometimes not update their values from upgrades immediately

– Earthshock bonus damage upgrade increased from 75 to 100
– Fixed Relentless stacks getting wiped by re-casting Overpower
– Relentless: stacks gained increased from 1 to 2
– Ursa Minor: Cubs’ Fury Swipes damage increased from 20% to 25%
– Fixed Ursa being able to get permanent Concealed

– Fixed Weaver being able to reduce Swarm’s attack interval to near zero

Several Encounters have had their difficulty adjusted down
– The Malorkian Hammers
– An Unwinnable Standoff
– The Soothing Sounds of Sirens

Several Encounters have had their difficulty adjusted up
– The Beastly Babies
– Rizzrick the Razorsaw
– A Bad Trading Post

Patch Notes- Gunplay Visual Overhaul, Heroic Challenges (Jul.30.2020)

Dear Adventurers,
Welcome to the latest official patch notes for Ring of Elysium. Here are the full details:

Heroic Challenges
  • Heroic Challenges are back! Complete those challenges for exclusive rewards including portraits, accessories, and Adventurer Character Styles!

  • The Adventurer Pass Bundle is now in Store, for just 1980 E-Points, unlock the S9 Adventurer Pass, 20 instant tier boosts, and 10 exclusive reward boxes!
  • Instant Tier Boosts are back in stock, too! 1 Tier- 150EP, 10 Tiers- 1200EP, 20 Tiers- 2100EP

ADS Overhaul
  • Remodeled various scopes
  • Optimized the reticle’s presentation, updated several reticle styles
  • Added visual effects for the edge of scopes when moving the camera
  • Added scope lens reflections and color cast effects
  • Added the ADS Depth of Field visual effect option, this option is turned on by default, players may adjust it in the in-game options

FPP Animation Overhaul
  • Optimized animations for character movement, jumps, ADS, and weapon sway
  • Redesigned reload and ADS firing animations for all weapons

New Mechanic- Breath Holding
  • Scope sway is now more noticeable with 4X and 8X scopes
  • Holding “Shift” can effectively stabilize scope sway for a period of time

New Mechanic- Bullet Penetration
  • Certain objects can now be penetrated by bullets, the damage is calculated based on the object’s texture and thickness, firing distance, as well as the weapon used

New Mechanic- Aim Punch
  • Added an aim punch camera shake effect when characters get hit, the screen shake intensity varies based on the amount of damage taken

Special Effects
  • Optimized muzzle flashes and muzzle smoke effects
  • Optimized textures for bullet holes and other effects

Audio Effects
  • Added a realistic propagation delay for gunshot sounds
  • Optimized audio effects for bullets that passes near players

  • Hitmarks’ UI placement is now dynamic

Thanks for playing,

Immortal Treasure II

Immortal Treasure II is now available, featuring all-new items for Magnus, Slardar, Troll Warlord, Sven, Silencer, and Witch Doctor.

In addition to these items, each of these treasures you open also offers increasing odds of receiving a rare set of wings for Jakiro, a very rare Golden version of the Slardar or Witch Doctor items, or an ultra rare Ursa cub carrier. There’s even a cosmically rare chance you’ll discover a Divine Emblem.

All Battle Pass owners can find an Immortal Treasure II ready to unbox in the Armory, and you can earn more treasures by increasing your Battle Level. In the meantime, head over to the Battle Pass page for a preview of the new items and custom effects featured in the treasure.

Dota 2 – Aghanim’s Labyrinth Update – July 24, 2020

– The next of Aghanim’s Trials will take place on Sorcerer.
– The damage and health of enemies in Sorcerer and Grand Magus Act 1 / 2 now ramp up more slowly, better matching the curve in Apprentice and Magician (Act 3 unchanged).
– Many common and elite shards with low selection or efficacy rates have had their values increased or been removed (i.e. Witch Doctor 5% evasion, many mana cost shards)
– Fixed a bug where Viper and Magnus could get multiple ultimate ability upgrade options in the starting room
– Trap room treasure chests and the items they drop are removed if they are not picked up when the encounter completes
– Improved behavior when units like grumpy ogre seals bounce out of the level
– Boots of Travel: increased bonus move speed 32 -> 90
– Fixed several cases where enemies would not aggro on damage.
– Gary’s armor now increases per ascension level.
– Time before creatures detect invisible players increased from 2.5 to 5 minutes
– Time before providing vision of remaining creatures to players increased from 4 to 5 minutes

Several Encounters have had their difficulty adjusted down
– Splitsville
– The Silent Killer
– Jungle Hijinx
– Blind Bombardiers and their Brethren
– A Strange Morphology
– Al, the Chemist
– The Last of the Corpulent Killers
– Toothy Toothums
– The Malorkian Hammers
– An Unwinnable Standoff
– A Mind-Tingling Offer
– Mister Cleaver
– A Bad Trading Post
– The Soothing Sound of Sirens

Several Encounters have had their difficulty adjusted up
– Hoppy Bats
– The Beastly Babies
– The Scarabs of Scuttletown
– Urn Your Keep

– Fury Swipes are no longer affected by creature status resistance.
– Base max Fury Swipes stack count from 5 -> 6
– Added two new Earthshock Legendary Shards: Digging In and Relentless
– Digging In: Earthshock applies and has its damage increased by Fury Swipes.
– Relentless: Enemies that die under Earthshock’s debuff give Ursa 1 stack of Overpower.
– Added two new Fury Swipes Legendary Shards: Rend and Ursa Minor
– Rend: Each stack of Fury Swipes grants Ursa 3% lifesteal/spell lifesteal.
– Ursa Minor: Fury Swipes gains an active component that summons 3 invulnerable, uncontrollable Ursa Cubs. The cubs deal 0 base damage, but randomly attack and apply Fury Swipes to nearby enemies, dealing 20% of the Fury Swipes bonus damage.
– Added a new Enrage Legendary Shard: Rampage
– Rampage: An Earthshock is triggered at Ursa’s position every second while Enrage is active.
– Removed Blunt Their Claws Legendary Shard
– Removed Anger Legendary Shard
– Removed Tough Skin Legendary Shard

– Raisin Firesnaps now create the current level of Mortimer Kisses blob impact at the end position.
– When taking the “Lil’ Shredder Uses Your Attack” talent, the fixed damage from Lil’ Shredder is now applied to those attacks as bonus damage (such that taking bonus Lil’ Shredder damage is no longer wasted)
– Stopping Power now additionally has the effect of Longer Barrels (deals the point blank damage to all targets) in addition to its knockback, and Longer Barrels has been removed.
– Autocannon shotgun interval shortened from 2.0 to 1.0
– Explosive Shells now also applies the Lil’ Shredder debuff in the area instead of just the damage.
– Fixed Raisin Firesnaps not being targetable on enemy channeling targets.

– Blast Off has been reworked. It now deals an attack on each Skewered enemy as it is passed through.
– Fixed Reverse Polarity and Reverse Reverse Polarity instantly killing Aghanim’s Spell Shards.

– Added new Bulwark Legendary Scepter Shard: Retort
– Retort: During Active Bulwark, Mars has a 17% chance to counter attack with God’s Rebuke if attacked from the front

– Assassinate: cast point reduced from 2.0 to 1.5
– Added a common / elite shard to reduce Assassinate aim duration
– Hipshot now reduces aim duration by 50% rather than to a fixed duration
– Big Game Hunter: no longer provides bonus agility per Captain kill
– Big Game Hunter: provides +100 Assassinate damage per Captain kill, once per encounter
– Buckshot: fixed it failing to chain Assassinate projectiles to units that were beyond a certain range from the caster

– Give Some, Take Some now additionally has the effect of Stay Back (knocking back the target of geminate attack hit), and Stay Back has been removed.
– Changed beetle attack rate reduction upgrade from -0.15 to -15%

Winter Wyvern
– Cool and Collected now also applies your current level of Arctic Burn debuff to the vacuumed targets.
– Arctic Burn: cooldown rescaled from 20/18/16/14 to 19/18/17/16
– Arctic Burn: duration reduced from 8 to 7
– Winter’s Breath: number of additional attacks reduced from 4 to 3, damage to secondary targets reduced from 65% to 50%

Echo Slam Potion
– Initial damage increased 180 -> 300
– Echo damage increased 110 -> 130
– Cost reduced 750 -> 650

Ravage Potion
– Damage increased 600 -> 800

Explosive Barrel
– Now also applies 0.75 second stun

Map Changes:
– Nav fixes for The Long And Winding Path, The Hallway of Pain, The Cliffs of Sacrifice, Corridors of Chaos, No Time To Brood, Badland Bandits, The Bomb Squad, Battle Squawks, The King Returns and The Apex Mage.
– Added trees to the west entrance of Rizzrick the Razorsaw.

Swamp Thing

Today we’re introducing two community maps: Swamp and Mutiny. Check them out in Casual or Deathmatch to get your feet wet, and then jump into a Scrimmage for a full match!

There’s more in today’s update, check out the release notes here.

Season 8 – Now Live!

: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

Season 8 – Now Live!

PUBG Season 8 is now live!

Our first release, Update 8.1, features the completely remastered Sanhok map, full of new locations, reworked favorites, a brand new visual overhaul, and a new way to gear up on the savage island with the juggernaut of the jungle, the Loot Truck!
We put heavy focus on bringing Sanhok to the upper tiers of our map visuals but also addressed some of your longstanding concerns about the island’s locations, topography, and pain points. We’re proud of what we’ve come up with here and are looking forward to hearing what you think as well!

Alongside the new season comes a brand new Survivor Pass as well! Pick up Survivor Pass: Payback and start earning great new looks, including the faces and costumes of the mysterious Sanhok 4 showcased in our recent lore drop.

This season, you’ll also earn additional XP towards your pass just by playing, so pick yours up today and start unlocking your rewards!

For more details, be sure to check out our Update 8.1 Patch Notes[]. Season 8 is officially underway, so drop in and check out everything new.

Welcome to the Jungle.

Dota 2 Update – July 20, 2020

Bug Fixes:
– Fixed being able to use abilities and items in the Rolling In Riches Bonus Room.
– Flight is now disabled upon entering Trap rooms.
– Fixed Voodoo Restoration’s Mana Cost upgrade increasing the mana cost.
– Fixed a case where players could die to Astral Step after The Shadow of Inai was defeated.
– Fixed players being able to die in the Aghanim victory sequence by dodging the invulnerability period with Eul’s Scepter.
– The Tusk Walrus Wallop upgrade can no longer move Rizzrick.
– Fixed Witch Doctor’s Death Ward being killable in some cases.
– Fixed Witch Doctor’s Max Health Voodoo Restoration talent affecting Aghanim with Hocus Pocus.
– Fixed a case where Aghanim could be instantly killed by Winter’s Curse.
– Fixed a server crash with Raisin Firesnaps.

Map Changes:
– Nav fixes for A Mind-Tingling Offer, Arrows Of The Moon, The Pugilist Pixies of Plague Wood, Manipulators of Time and Space, Mister Cleaver, The Soothing Sound of Sirens, They Speak in Spectral Tongues, Bogdugg the Bad-Bringer, The Fowl Feast, Al, the Chemist, My Rock Collection, Storegga The Ample, and Angry stuff with wings.

Who are the Sanhok 4?

: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].
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