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PUBG Labs: Arena mode

: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

PUBG Labs: Arena mode

Hello Battlegrounds Enthusiasts,

This week we’re bringing you something new that combines intense PUBG gunplay with the tactics of an arena shooter. We call this LABS experiment Arena Mode.

Arena Mode is a 64 person, squad-based match that drops you into one of several sectioned-off zones on Erangel, Miramar, or Sanhok. You’ll fight it out with up to two other squads to claim victory in your arena. Should you lose, your team will lose one of its 3 chances, which eliminates you once they’re gone. Claim victory, and move onto the next round with a stronger position than those who failed. When 3 or fewer squads remain, they’ll enter a Sudden Death arena where the winner takes all, regardless of how many chances you have left.

Arena mode has some other differences from a normal match as well. The biggest of which is that weapons do not spawn in the world. Instead, you will need to use currency that you earn by eliminating other players to purchase your arsenal through the Loadout menu (PC: L key, Console: Map key(System menu/Touch pad) by default). Knocked allies can also be revived in 5 seconds, which is important for maintaining your advantage in such small, intense fights.

Surviving the Arena means teamwork and smart tactical decisions. From matching your loadout to the terrain you’re in, to watching each other’s backs until you’ve got eyes on your enemies, to coordinating your attack, Arena Mode is sure to test your teamwork and communication skills.

Here’s a quick breakdown of all the rules:


  • In each round, 2-3 squads will dive into a random, sectioned-off area.
  • Each squad starts with 3 chances and will be eliminated once those chances are lost.
  • When 3 or fewer squads remain, they are placed into a sudden death round where the winner takes the chicken, regardless of how many chances each squad has left.
  • There are no world spawn weapons. You will earn points during each round that can be used to purchase weapons from the Loadout menu (PC: L key, Console: Map key(System menu/Touch pad)).
  • Other items, such as attachments, helmets and vests, still spawn across the map.
Game Settings

  • 64 players (16 squads)
  • Erangel, Miramar, and Sanhok
  • Squadmate revival time: 5 seconds
  • Adjusted bluezone speed for more intense gameplay
  • Your team will have 30 seconds to loot upon winning your Arena
  • Observer Mode Enabled once your team has won an arena or been killed

Arena Mode will be available in LABS over 2 weeks, so make sure to grab your squad and drop in while it’s available.


1st – September 18th (16:00 KST) ~ September 21st (16:00 KST)
2nd – September 25th (16:00 KST) ~ September 28th (16:00 KST)


1st – September 25th (16:00 KST) ~ September 28th (16:00 KST)
2nd – 
October 2nd (16:00 KST) ~ October 5th (16:00 KST)

As always, your feedback here is important and will help shape the mode should we decide to continue development on it.

We’ll see you in the Arena!

Patch Notes – 2nd Anniversary Events, LTM Rotation Adjusted (Sep.17.2020)

Dear Adventurers,
Welcome to the latest official patch notes for Ring of Elysium. Here are the full details:

LTM Rotation
  • Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday’s LTM has been changed to “Grand Adventure”
  • Saturday and Sunday’s LTM has been changed to “Heavy Metal”

Anniversary Event- Unlock Exclusive Anniversary Characters
  • Event period: September 17 to October 14
  • Added four types of event items- Sakura’s mask, Alice’s hat, and Jacques’ headphones, which can be used to redeem Exclusive Anniversary Characters and other rewards
  • During the event, players can obtain the event items via:
    • Eliminating opponents / surviving in non-training mode games
    • Looting airdrops in non-training mode games
  • After collecting enough character fragment items, you can redeem the corresponding Anniversary Exclusive Character to unlock it permanently or redeem other rewards at the Event Center in lobby
  • Please note that you do not need to own any previous season characters in order to use the Anniversary Exclusive Characters
  • After the event, event items will be reclaimed by the system and redeem panel will be closed

Anniversary Daily Check-in
  • From Sep. 17 to Oct. 14, make sure to log-in and check-in daily for a Coin supply box!

Anniversary Card-flip
  • From Sep. 17 to Oct. 14, participate the card-flip after completing the assigned daily task, card-flip rewards include accessories and portraits. After completing 7 card-flips, players can also claim an exclusive MK12 anniversary weapon skin for FREE!

Anniversary Gifts
  • Log-in from Sep. 17 to Oct. 14 to receive second anniversary exclusive rewards, including a traversal equipment appearance set, exclusive accessory, and Coin supply box

New Items in Coin Shop
  • Added new items to the Coin Shop, including an Epic G36 anniversary weapon skin (available exclusively from Sep. 17 to Oct. 14). As well as new portraits, accessories, and the Coin supply box

  • Sprinkled some sweet anniversary decorations and cakes around Vera in celebration of the anniversary

Adventurer Characters
  • Unlocked Edward Miller – Elite Operator Style A, and Style B
  • Unlocked Igor – Tactical Camouflage, Style A, and Style B

DX12 Client
  • NVIDIA GeForce RTX 2060 graphics card users will now automatically enable the DX12 client

Thanks for playing,

Now Available on Steam – Stay Silent

Stay Silent is Now Available on Steam!

Stay Silent is a western-themed multiplayer online FPS game for VR. Step into a Wild West town in the aftermath of an alien incursion. Playing as either the Marauders or the Guardians, fight against stealthy opponents on silent nights using both traditional guns and powerful alien weapons!

Immortal Treasure III

Immortal Treasure III is now available, featuring all-new items for Pugna, Clockwerk, Oracle, Treant, Gyrocopter, and Lich.

In addition to these items, each of these treasures you open also offers increasing odds of receiving a rare reward of 50 Battle Pass levels, a very rare Golden version of the Pugna item, or the ultra rare Phoenix Wings. As always, there is a cosmically rare chance you’ll discover a Divine Emblem.

The Battle Pass will be extended for 3 more weeks, until October 9th, with the results of the Arcana vote revealed at that time (hint: it’s a purple melee carry that can cross distances with ease). During this final stretch, each Battle Pass owner can purchase up to two bundles of 60 levels at a 30% discount.

Head over to the Battle Pass page for a preview of the new items and custom effects featured in the treasure.

Update 8.3 – Now Live

: You can find the details for this event on the announcement page [url=]here[/url].

Update 8.3 – Now Live

The final update of season 8 is here and brings a brand new tool to help you catch up to the playzone, a new mode of transportation to avoid those heavily camped bridges, some UI adjustments and more!

Take a little extra time in the Blue Zone with the new Jammer Pack! This new pack has the capacity of a level 2 bag and interrupts Blue Zone damage while its battery lasts, letting you catch up to the play zone or utilize the blue zone for a tactical advantage. The Jammer Pack drops on Sanhok and Karakin starting this update!

Treading the chilled waters of Erangel are new Ferries delivering players to and from Sosnovka Island. Four Ferries travel back and forth between two different destinations, giving you some alternatives to crashing through bridge blockades, finding a boat, or swimming it. Add to that a new Assist indication in the UI, two new Team Deathmatch stages on Sanhok, indicators when your teammates enter combat, and more.

The M416 has also received an additional sound adjustment, you can the context related to this change in the patch notes. We hope these new changes are more to your liking, and will be monitoring your feedback.

Add to that a new Assist indication in the UI, two new Team Deathmatch stages on Sanhok, indicators when your teammates enter combat, and more.

Learn all the details in the patch notes[] or drop in and check them out yourself!

Patch Notes – Adventurer Character Styles Unlocked (Sep.10.2020)

Dear Adventurers,
Welcome to the latest official patch notes for Ring of Elysium. Here are the full details:

Adventurer Characters
  • Unlocked Edward Miller – Elite Operator

DX12 Client
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card users will now automatically enable the DX12 client

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed a rare issue where some players couldn’t join or leave parties in the lobby

Thanks for playing,

Update on Majors and Coaching


When we announced the Rio Major, we were excited to bring a CS:GO Major to one of Counter-Strike’s most passionate fan bases. At the time, we couldn’t have imagined the global challenges that have limited live events throughout 2020.

We’re not going to ask players and fans to risk their health in order to attend a Major while the pandemic still poses a threat to travelers. Therefore, we have made the painful decision to cancel the November Major.

So, what’s the plan? First, we’re going to hold off on scheduling Majors until, at a minimum, Regional Major Ranking (RMR) LAN events are safe to hold around the world. Until then, we expect to continue to hold online RMR events to keep track of the best teams in each region.


Recently we’ve been made aware that several coaches of professional CS:GO teams exploited a bug in the game in order to gain an advantage over their opponents. It is unfortunate and frustrating that we did not respond to this bug sooner. But bugs are the reality of software—and until they are resolved, we need to be able to trust players and coaches.

We won’t spend much time here reiterating our stance on the importance of integrity in CS:GO matches. At a minimum, we expect that players and coaches will play by the rules, and immediately pause the match and alert tournament admins if they know of an issue that may give them (or an opponent) an unfair advantage.

Any teams that were disqualified for exploiting this bug during an RMR event will have their RMR points reset.

As for taking action against individual coaches, we’re going to wait until we get a complete picture of the extent of the bug abuse and the punishments handed down by third parties. Regardless of those penalties, mid-match coaching will always be a tempting opportunity for some teams to violate the integrity of the match. So we may also consider limitations to coaching.

We’re looking forward to getting LAN events started again, and hope that we can all find a safe way to do it soon.

Update 8.3 – Now on the Test Server

Season 8 is winding down, but we’ve got a few more big improvements to drop before we’re out of the jungle.

Update 8.3 brings a new Ferry system to Erangel, a new item that can temporarily negate Bluezone damage, two new Team Deathmatch stages on Sanhok, a number of bug and hitching fixes, and more. We’ve even, at long last, added destructible haystacks to Miramar!

Read on for info in all this and more coming with Update 8.3.

New Feature: Erangel Ferries

For those of you wondering what the new docks on Erangel were all about since we added them last update, your ship has come in!

Two new Ferry lines will now carry passengers across the water from Southern Erangel to Sosnovka Island and back. There’s a total of 4 ferries that make round trips throughout the game for those of you not feeling lucky enough to yolo it across the bridge.

  • Four Ferries have been added to Erangel
  • Ferries allow players to board and travel via two set routes between the Erangel Mainland and Sosnovka Island
    • Each route has two Ferries
  • Each Ferry will depart from the docks with the first phase of the Blue Zone
  • Once arriving at a dock, ferries will stay docked for approximately 20 seconds before taking to the sea en route to their destination
    • Ferries will sound a horn 7 secs prior to arrival and departure. Hop aboard!
  • Ferries are not available in Ranked Mode or Esports Mode in Custom Matches
New Item: Jammer Pack

We’ve been teasing the Jammer Pack for a while, and it’s finally making its Battlegrounds debut! The Jammer Pack allows you to prevent Blue Zone damage for a short time at the expense of level 3 bag space. For now, the Jammer Pack will only spawn rarely on Sanhok and Karakin in Normal and Custom Matches.

  • The Jammer Pack uses its energy to temporarily prevent players from taking damage from the Blue Zone
    • An new energy bar for the Jammer Pack will be displayed on screen once equipped
  • Once all energy has been depleted, the Jammer Pack will function only a regular backpack, not giving any protection against the Blue Zone
    • Energy depletes more quickly as the Blue Zone deals more damage
  • Available in Normal and Custom Matches as rare world loot spawn on Karakin and Sanhok
    • Also obtainable from the Sanhok Loot Truck


  • Decoy Grenades have been added Karakin and Training Mode
  • Miramar hay bales and haystacks are now destructible (much like their Erangel counterparts)
  • Added Pai Nan and Bootcamp to Team Deathmatch
  • Added additional natural cover in the form of trees and rocks outside Bootcamp, Sanhok on both the North and West sides
  • Since the recent sound improvements to the Kar98k and SKS, we’ve received feedback that the overall volume of the sounds are too loud. We’ve heard your feedback and have lowered the volume when firing both the Kar98k and SKS
  • Destructible wooden shacks have been re-added to Erangel
    • These were temporarily replaced with concrete shacks in Update 8.2 due to a technical issue

Sanhok Loot Truck

  • Added Jammer Pack to available loot pool
  • Greatly reduced the number of Level 3 Helmets and Ghillie suits drops
  • Limited the number of duplicate item drops from Loot Trucks, to prevent situations where excessive loot of the same type is dropped from one Loot Truck

Assist System

Up until now, assists were only tracked during the recap of Ranked Mode matches. Now we’re expanding upon it’s visibility and adding it to Normal Matches as well, with new UI elements added to show when your assists happen.

Assist UI and messaging has been added to Ranked Mode, Normal Matches in Duos/Squads and team modes in Battle Royale Custom Matches. The current assist system for TDM will remain unchanged.

  • Assists are earned after dealing at least 25 damage to an enemy who is then killed soon after by a teammate
    • You’ll be granted an assist for enemies knocked within 60 seconds of you dealing the minimum damage, who are then later killed by one of your teammate, without being revived beforehand
    • Assists also apply when these conditions are met in situations where an enemy dies instantly, due to being the last member alive in their team or squad
Teammate Combat Indicators

We’ve added a visual indication for when your squad mates are attacked by enemy players. This will help teams react more quickly to allies under fire, especially those not using voice comms.

  • Additional indicators will now display alongside the existing teammate UI to help you identify when teammates are engaged in combat.
  • You’ll see these indicators in the existing locations you get information on your teammate’s current status.
    • Team HUD
    • Minimap
    • On-screen 3D teammate icons
    • The notifications won’t display while spectating (including replays) or watching the Deathcam
Bot AI improvements
  • We’ve made a few improvements to bots to make them act a little more naturally
Ranked Mode

Train your skills while matchmaking

Players will now have the option to join Training Mode while waiting for their Ranked Match queue. About 30 seconds after your queue begins, you’ll be given a popup asking whether you want to stay in the lobby or join Training Mode.

This is a good, completely optional way to warm up and pass the time before getting into your Ranked Match.

  • After matchmaking for 30 seconds, you’ll be presented with the option to enter Training Mode while remaining in queue for your Ranked Match
  • You can choose to either stay in the lobby or enter Training Mode while continuing to wait for a match
    • Bear in mind, you won’t necessarily be placed into the same Training Mode instance as your teammates
  • You and your teammates will automatically be removed from Training Mode and sent into a Ranked Match once found
  • Leaving Training Mode manually will return you to the main menu, where you’ll remain in the Ranked Mode queue
    • You won’t have the option to rejoin Training Mode if you’ve manually left
  • Matchmaking will be cancelled if any teammates exit PUBG, or cancel matchmaking
Performance and Optimization
  • Reduced the chance of hitching or stuttering to occur while the game is spawning items
    • Items will be loaded in advance during the loading splash screen
    • We expect this improvement will also resolve most cases of items not being displayed upon landing and cases where throwing a melee weapon can result in the projectile visually stuttering.
  • Character Spawning Optimization
    • Reduced instances of hitching or stuttering which could occur during the loading of multiple vehicles or players at once.
  • Optimized shadow animations when exiting vehicles
  • Optimized the cost of world particle effects to ease potential overloads which could cause a decrease in performance
  • Optimized the rendering pipeline to improve performance
Custom Matches

Loot Truck Icons

  • New icons for loot trucks has been added in the observer mode.
  • Loot truck icons show two state of the truck. Live or Dead.


  • Player headup UI displayed in the observer mode has been slightly optimized for better experience.
  • Added Jammer Backpack (Sanhok and Karakin)

Esports Ruleset update

  • Esports Mode has been updated with the latest global S.U.P.E.R. ruleset
  • For full details, including specific spawn rate adjustments, please refer to the Global Esports Ruleset available at
Social Features

In an effort to make our friend system easier to use and a better place for all things social, we’ve revamped the system into a brand new Social Page. Here you can see your friends list, people you’ve recently played with, etc.

  • Improved the friends list popout, replacing it with the new full screen Social Page.
  • The Social Page can be accessed by clicking the social widget in the lower right corner of the lobby on the main menu.
  • Team invite settings can be changed on new Social Page

Have a quick click around the Social Page next time you’re in-game to discover how it all works.


Store – Featured page Overhaul

Store featured page has gone through an overhaul to provide better experience. Browse and interact with the new featured page!


  • The outgame background color has been changed to improve readability and quality
  • Improved some design components for consistency
  • Indicators and a message will now be displayed In situations where connectivity issues to Steam are preventing certain outgame features from working correctly
  • Ranked Mode insignias have been aligned on the lobby screen


New Items



  • Battle Bunny Set
  • Floptop Set

Individual items

  • Battle Bunny Outfit
  • Battle Bunny Mask
  • Bunnycomb – M24
  • Floptop Tank
  • Floptop Hoodie
  • Floptop Pants
  • Floptop Mask
  • Floptop Shoes
  • Moondust – AUG




Individual items

  • Shackled Monarch – SKS
  • Blue Whale Cult – AKM
  • Seahorse Cult – Beryl M762

Striped Graffiti

Individual items

  • Striped Graffiti Pink – Helmet (Level 3)
  • Striped Graffiti Yellow – Helmet (Level 3)

2020 Halloween


  • CARRIONETTE COSTUME SET (2018 Halloween option available)
  • MALEVOLENT MIME COSTUME SET (2018 Halloween option available)
  • GRIM GOALIE COSTUME SET (2018 Halloween option available)
  • EXECUTIONER COSTUME SET (2018 Halloween option available)

Individual items

  • Carrionette Backpack (Level 1)
  • Carrionette Costume
  • Carrionette Leggings
  • Carrionette Wig
  • Carrionette Mask
  • Malevolent Mime Costume
  • Malevolent Mime Leggings
  • Malevolent Mime Beret
  • Malevolent Mime Helmet – (Level 2)
  • Malevolent Mime Backpack (Level 3)
  • Faceless Freak Mask
  • Grim Goalie Mask
  • Grim Goalie Costume
  • Scrapyard Slasher
  • Spiker Helmet – (Level 1)
  • Caution Tape Backpack (Level 2)
  • Executioner Costume
  • Executioner Pants
  • Twisted Cleaver

2018 Halloween Sets

  • Killer Clown Set
  • Ancient Mummy Set
  • Bloody nurse Set
Bug Fixes


  • Fixed the excessive reverb when firing the AWM
  • Fixed the Kar98k reverb sound not playing when shooting outdoors
  • Fixed an issue where players could use melee weapons inside the starting plane in War Mode
  • Fixed a visual issue with the Skorpion where the bolt moved too far forward in single fire mode
  • Fixed a visual issue where the bullet ejector on the Skorpion ejector didn’t open after switching to full-auto firing mode
  • Fixed an issue where Panzerfaust warheads would float in-place when firing as the player is DBNO’d
  • Fixed the issue where throwing a grenade at the exact moment of death created a duplicate grenade in the inventory
  • Fixed the issue where vaulting whilst switching weapons may interrupt the action and unholster the weapon
  • Fixed the issue where a character’s face would display abnormally when performing a throwing action after holding a melee weapon
  • Fixed the issue where M24’s front iron sight would display abnormally in ADS


  • Fixed the issue where boats could spawn on top of wooden docks on Erangel
  • Fixed an issue where characters could take damage while jumping contentiously at the front-side of trains on Vikendi


  • Fixed misaligned text on the Match History screen
  • Fixed an issue which omitted helmet level information of some helmet items on the customize screen
  • Fixed the issue where new makeup skins are misaligned in the customize screen
  • Fixed the issue where some killfeed images overlap with other UI during the Deathcam
  • Greatly mitigated an issue where squadmates were not displayed in the team list UI


  • Fixed the issue where menu navigation arrows did not have any sound effects

Skins & Items

  • Fixed the strange texture displayed when equipping Plaid Skirt (Flannel Gray)
  • Fixed an issue where characters would load into the game only wearing some items, when equipping a bow tie costume and another item
  • Fixed an issue where part of the character’s body is partially transparent when equipping Heavy Fur Coat and Summer Bikini items together
  • Fixed the issue where female character’s legs displayed abnormally when equipping Lucha Royale Wrestler Boots
  • Fixed the clipping issue when wearing Duncan’s Pants
  • Fixed the mirrored text on a Retro Synthwave skin
  • Fixed the issue where earrings disappear when equipping facial skins (Mustache, masks etc.) along with Sassy Shades (Red)
  • Fixed the clipping issue when equipping hoodies along with the PCS1 Mask


  • Fixed the issue where the TOP 4 UI displayed even when jumping back on the timeline
  • Fixed the issue where the TOP 4 UI was empty when skipping forward on the timeline
Replay System

The replay system has been updated. Replay files from previous updates are now unable to be used.

Compass of the Rising Gale — Windranger Arcana

Not even Lyralei herself understood the true extent of her connection with the guardian wind. With no knowledge of her forebears, or memory of her first days, she could but listen for the truth in the whispers of sun-dappled trees around her, or the howling storms that keep even daylight at bay. But as she grew, and her strange connection with the guardian wind became ever stronger, an unease about her origins began to take hold. Unleash the power of the wind with the all-new Compass of the Rising Gale Arcana bundle, available now in The International 10 Battle Pass.

This Arcana bundle includes a new model and base items, new animations, a custom channel bar and Focus Fire damage counter, ambient wind effects for both styles, additions to base and Immortal effects for her abilities, new death effects for both Windranger and enemy heroes she takes down, and over 500 new Arcana-exclusive voice lines. Rack up damage on targets you kill using Focus Fire to unlock the Reflections of the Gale alternate style.

Learn more at the Compass of the Rising Gale update page.

Update on Competitive Scene

We’ve heard a lot of complaints recently about the state of DPC and we agree that there is more that we should do. We wanted to use this blog to walk you through what happened before, what our thoughts were, and what we will do going forward.

Spring 2020

Once the extent of the Covid-19 pandemic became clear, we posted about our plans to delay The International and started pre-booking arenas for various alternative dates and countries around the world. We then began researching how to execute The International based on how different pandemic scenarios could play out, with the hope that we’d be able to host it as soon as possible. Since the spring DPC events could no longer operate anymore, we started reaching out to the organizers to see what they wanted to do going forward. Some of those organizers shared their desires to run third party events to cover the period from March through the end of the summer.

Summer 2020

As we approached the middle of the summer, the volatility of the pandemic had grown significantly and we became very concerned about the impact it would have on future DPC events and The International. The global situation meant that cross regional play would be unlikely for a period of time, and we have since seen scenarios globally in other competitions where teams from certain countries had to be excluded after qualifying due to abrupt travel restrictions and complications. While we had already assumed that having a crowd for the DPC events was not in the cards, we wanted to at least have confidence in being able to bring all teams together for cross region competition. We felt that was a very important component of how we allocate DPC points for The International. We were also unsure of when The International itself would happen, and given the significant lead time needed, the increased spread of the virus made it harder to model out a time frame with confidence. The potential for the DPC season and its narrative feeling too detached from the path towards The International was negative for us. Doing that would also necessitate a DPC point decay system, which in and of itself isn’t a bad thing, but having to abruptly introduce decay mid season if the landscape changes has some additional downsides. Furthermore, we had also received some feedback from a couple of organizers that were either worried about the quality of the broadcast being lower or reluctant to want to operate DPC events in the fall altogether. While neither the cross-region competition nor the relative distance to The International are absolute requirements, we felt the DPC as both a function of The International and also as a coherent product for fans would be better served by holding off on them for now. Given that, our plan was that we’d make the upcoming months open and clear for other leagues and events to operate. Our approach historically has been to want third party tournaments to be able to exist outside of The International (though the degree of that has been fluid over the years as demands from fans and players for more structured circuits to lead to TI increased). Our hope was that we could both achieve a better and more coherent relationship between DPC and TI by approaching it this way as well as still allowing for third party events to have an impact, with the overall end result for fans still being that there would be entertaining content to watch in the fall.

Moving Forward

Soon after we announced that we were not immediately proceeding with DPC as planned, we received a lot of negative feedback from fans. We think that a lot of the points that were raised were reasonable criticisms towards us, especially because we did not communicate what our intentions were, and what they could expect in the future.

For this upcoming competitive season, there are going to be at least four third party events and leagues in EU/CIS events, three in China, and a few others that are still in the preliminary planning stages and are not able to commit at this time. However, there are still going to be a lot of teams, casters, organizers and fans around the world that are not going to be meaningfully served based on the current trajectory and that is our fault for not pushing on those and supporting them enough.

With that in mind, we’ve started reaching out to many more tournament organizers to offer help and financial support in order to be able to create increased coverage globally for the remainder of the year. We expect that these events will be gradually announced over the remaining season as soon as they are ready to communicate to fans and teams.

Another piece of feedback we got from players as well as fans was wanting more clarity in what we were thinking were the likely dates for DPC and TI to resume. Our outlook right now is that we are anticipating the start of DPC to be in the first month or two of 2021. Our hope is that by the time the first DPC league concludes, travel limitations will be more predictable and spontaneous restrictions will be less likely, thus allowing for Majors with cross-region competition to happen. We are also operating under the assumption that the most likely outcome is for The International to happen in Stockholm in August 2021. While we have other countries as backups, we recognize that fans would be upset if we moved it to another location if the time savings weren’t meaningful enough.

DotaTV and Streaming

We’ve also heard your feedback and concerns around Dota TV streaming rights. This has been a topic we’ve discussed openly in the past and, as we gathered more data, our thoughts have evolved slightly. We ultimately still believe that community streamers providing their own commentary of a tournament is a net positive value to fans and the competitive scene. We also believe that in the long term, the tournament themselves benefit from additional exposure to fans of those community streamers. However, it is true that this can cause a short term loss of revenue as well as a reduced ability to monetize more effectively for tournament organizers. Starting September 15, the Dota license we will be updated to reflect the following: Organizers that run Dota 2 Tournaments will have to provide community streamers with a reasonable and simple to execute set of non-monetary requirements, such as displaying the organizers sponsors on their streams or having a slight delay on the games. Community streamers will be able to use the DotaTV feed in their broadcast as long as they agree to those requirements. We believe this will provide more certainty and confidence to community streamers to be able to cast without a lot of turmoil, while at the same time protecting some key interests that tournament organizers have. To avoid possible last minute issues, we would advise casters that want to stream a tournament, to coordinate with the organizer in advance to ensure they are able to fulfill the requirements presented. Tournament organizers and relevant parties that have questions, feel free to reach out to us at [email protected]

PUBG Labs: Faction Warmode

Faction Warmode – Now Live

Hello players,

Last year, we introduced PUBG Labs as a way to experiment with fun game settings and try out new features and modes before they’re ready for normal matches.

While we haven’t had a new LABS mode in a while, we’ve seen you asking for new event modes and different ways to play.

To help scratch that itch, we’re spinning up Labs again, starting with an already existing mode: Faction Warmode. This time around, you’ll be able to form your own 8 person party before entering, so grab your friends and get ready rumble!

Faction Warmode is a team vs team (8v8) match that takes place on Sanhok. When you spawn, you’ll be able to choose from one of several different “Spawn Kits” that each have their own load-out. Your team has to work together to earn points by eliminating enemies within a small safe zone to reach the point threshold!

Faction Warmode Schedule

  • September 4th (Fri) 1600 (KST) – September 7th (Mon) 1600 (KST)


  • 8 person squads, 8 vs 8 combat
  • You can invite players to form up your squad of 8 and matchmaking will automatically fill any missing slots.
  • TPP / FPP

Faction Warmode Rules

  • Faction Warmode takes place on Sanhok during several different weather types.
  • Each match takes place in a small Safe Zone surrounded by a static Blue Zone.

When first entering the game, you will select one of four Spawn kits to play with:

Assault – M416 (red dot), R1895, Level 1 Vest/Helmet, ammo, bandages
Medic UMP (red dot), Sawed-off, Level 3 Vest/Helmet, ammo, First Aid Kit, Med Kit, Painkillers, Adrenaline Syringe, Critical Response Kit*
* Critical Response Kit: Allows you to revive a downed teammate much faster
Support – S12K (red dot), Skorpion, Level 2 Vest/Helmet, ammo, Frag Grenade, Bandages
Scout – Kar98K (4x Scope), P18C, Level 1 Vest/Helmet, Ghillie Suit, ammo, Bandages

  • No Red Zone.
  • No world spawn items. no vehicles, or Flare Guns and Care Packages.
  • No Deathcam
  • Respawn from the plane upon death

Win Conditions 

  • The team that reaches 200 points first wins the chicken dinner
  • When the 15 minute timer reaches 0, the team with higher points wins.
    • Points are granted by the conditions:
      • Kill an enemy player: +3 points
      • Down an enemy player: +1 point
      • Revive a teammate: +1 point
      • Down or kill a teammate: -5 points
      • Killed by your own grenade or falling: -5 points


In Faction Warmode you cannot:

  • Earn BP or Survivor Pass XP
  • Complete Survivor Pass missions
  • Earn Weapon/survival mastery XP
  • Utilize the Team Up feature after the game

Faction Warmode Known Issues

  • In situations where a teammate reconnects to the game while dead, others in the team may be unable to see the UI which indicates they’re a part of your team.

Hope you enjoy the return of the PUBG LABS and the introduction of Faction Warmode.
We’re always watching your feedback, so please keep it coming! We’ll be back with additional modes in the future.

Thanks for playing!


Steam Client Update Released

A new Steam client has been released and will be automatically downloaded.


  • Fixed an issue where the game list is sometimes displayed much too wide.


  • Fixed a display issue with some track names when users were running in Brazilian Portuguese, Latin American Spanish, or Simplified/Traditional Chinese.

Patch Notes – Mancy Unlocked, LTM Rotation Adjusted (Sep.3.2020)

Dear Adventurers,
Welcome to the latest official patch notes for Ring of Elysium. Here are the full details:

Adventurer Characters
  • Unlocked Mancy – Deceiver, Deceiver Style A, and Deceiver Style B

  • Adjusted PKM’s reload animation, and optimized reload sound effects for various weapons

LTM Rotation
  • Each Monday and Wednesday’s “Europa Island” LTM has been replaced with “Grand Adventure”

DX12 Client
  • NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1070 graphics card users will now automatically enable the DX12 client

Bug Fixes
  • Fixed an issue where the character posture HUD overlapped with other UI elements under first-person perspective
  • Fixed an issue where the spawn-point selection map’s border isn’t correctly shown in Training Mode

Thanks for playing,

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